Wanted: 300 stage animals to sing at the opening of the Gentse Feesten | Ghent away tips

GhentCrazy about singing? Have you always wanted to be on stage? This is your chance. During the opening show of the Gentse Feesten, Friday evening 15 July, the city wants to put 300 people from Ghent together on stage, to sing along with ‘Allez, Chantez!’ Because it’s fun, because it’s finally parties again, and because it’s our Gentse Feesten. Who participates?

You don’t have to be a skilled Zander, not even a trained singing voice. What is needed? A solid dose of enthusiasm and urgency. “It would be great if there were really a lot of us”, says Annelore Camps, founder of Allez Chantez!. “We are just under 300 in any case, but it is a very large site, there at Portus Ganda. So some kind of amplification on a stage would be great. And we prefer to see that reinforcement in the form of 300 people from Ghent.”


Come on Chantez! started 7 years ago, as a ‘dream’ of Annelore and Laila De Bruyne. “We dreamed of singing to the fullest in a place where no one would see us, but still with other people. At the first session I hoped for 15 men. There were immediately 90. The Parnassus Church quickly became too small, nowadays we sing every month in the Handelsbeurs. There are always between 400 and 900 enthusiasts. When we were asked to sing at the opening of the Gentse Feesten in 2019, we felt enormously honoured. And now that we can do that again, at the first Feesten after corona, we don’t know if we succeeded.”

The Allez Chantez! gang sing well-known pop songs from the 50s to the present. “Ghent clappers such as ‘Mia’ and ‘Mijne Vlieger’ will certainly not be missing on the first Feestenavond. That opening spectacle should be a blast, the city already promised. It will be a spectacle with light and fire and a few more surprises, but what it will be exactly remains a secret. So part of the show will be the song of Allez Chantez! The spectacle starts at 7 pm, all residents of Ghent are invited, tourists too, by the way. Songbooks will be distributed en masse to the public.


But 300 singers are still being sought who want to be on stage. All that is expected is that you register, attend one practice session, and be present at Veermanplein on 15 July at 6 pm. Participate? Then register via the allezchantez website, where you can of course also find all the explanations. Don’t hesitate, do it!


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