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Coffee time may be on holiday, but the presenters continue to write for Nouveau. Here Vivian Slingerland talks about her wonderful wedding: she gave her yes to Bob in her own backyard a few weeks ago!

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Dear Nouveau Readers,

How nice that we can still inspire you (online) during our summer break. And I can’t wait to share this column with you, because I’m still on a pink cloud! Because yes, I am officially married with my Bob! After the marriage proposal just before my 50th birthday in November, the special day finally took place last week. And I’m still reminiscing.

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Our wedding took place with all our close friends and family in the backyard. It was a fantastic, loving party. I still can’t believe it’s over, but all the beautiful photos and videos that have been made allow me to go back to the beautiful moments of that day.

Especially the video impression made by my Koffietijd team, made my and even my husband watery eyes! I spoke to my editors at Koffietijd to summarize the whole day (if possible) in an article. So if you’re curious about how I experienced the day – or if you need some inspiration for your own wedding – you can read all about it here.

A wedding is not just something. There really is a lot to consider. It wasn’t really my thing at all, because I’m more into making last minute arrangements. Luckily I had my wedding planner Grace, because without her there wouldn’t even have been a tent, haha! Of course I also had to arrange a dress. I soon called my friend Tommy Driessen with: “I’m getting married and I want you to make my dress. But I definitely don’t want a wedding dress”

The process from selecting the fabrics, to coming up with the design: it was really great. I am still so happy with the dress. The creation really suited me. It was elegant, but also tough. You can read here how the whole process went and what the dress looked like.

I love sharing snacks, so there is something for everyone and it’s great fun

A good party also includes good food. And how I enjoyed the food! Ruud Jansen took care of our catering. Everything was made on the barbecue and it was a shared-dining menu. Very funny! I love sharing snacks, so there is something for everyone and it’s great fun. If you now also feel like a shared-dining from the barbecue. Then you can also get started with these recipes yourself.

We ended the day with a good party. From young to old, everyone was dancing on the dance floor led by DJ Gerard Ekdom. I think that’s what I found most special about the day. Everyone had a good time! How happy I am with all these people around me. In terms of music, there was also something for everyone. Today’s music for the children, combined with some old records. And if you’re throwing a party yourself this summer and looking for some inspiration for your playlist, you can also visit Koffietijd again!

I was thrilled to be able to share my wedding with you. I’m going to reminisce with my dear husband (yes, I can now officially call Bob that!) and my lovely daughters. Who knows, you might have gotten some inspiration for your own wedding or just for a really good party. Because life and love must continue to be celebrated every day!


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