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Top entrepreneur Negin Mirsalehi (33), one of the biggest influencers in the Netherlands with 7.1 million Instagram followers, does not necessarily see her as yet unborn son taking over her successful cosmetics empire in the future. The heavily pregnant Negin doubts whether she wants to saddle her offspring with that ‘enormous responsibility’.

That’s what she says today in the Arabic version of fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar, of which she graces the cover this month. Negin’s little one isn’t even born yet, or the magazine asks if she sees him as her successor at the family business. Mirsalehi has been working since 2013 with her cosmetic brand Gisou, which uses honey from the gardens of her family in Iran, who have been keeping bees for six generations.

,,I don’t want to push him in any direction”, Negin reacts. “I want him to find his own path. Of course it would be nice if he goes to the bee garden and spends a lot of time with family, like we did when I was growing up. But inherit the family business? That’s something very big and a huge responsibility, I’m not sure I want to give it to him.”


For the time being, the boy has yet to be born and that could happen at any moment. Negin and her fiancé Maurits Stibbe, with whom she has been together for sixteen years, can’t wait. They tried to conceive for a year and a half, initially without success, much to their great chagrin. Although she will undoubtedly immediately put her followers on the highest level when she gives birth, it is still uncertain whether she will also show the boy.

She can only estimate that when he is there, then she says to follow her ‘instinct’. In the meantime she shows a lot of herself; just this week she shared another photo from a maternity shoot showing her virtually naked, which garnered nearly 285,000 likes in a short space of time.

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Million dollar company

Negin and Maurits, also her business partner, have been successful as entrepreneurs for years. They once started with just the two of them and an intern, but five years ago they already employed thirteen people. Negin has worked as an influencer with major brands such as Cartier and, thanks to such collaborations alone, turned in around $2 million (almost 1.7 million euros) in 2017, it wrote. WWD

She then had millions of followers less than now, but at that time was already asking 15,000 to 20,000 dollars (12,000 to 17,000 euros) per sponsored post on Instagram, the site reported. A year later she was featured on the 30 under 30-list of business magazine Forbes with the most promising young entrepreneurs.

On top of that is the great success of her own beauty brand Gisou. She sells luxury hair products for several tens of dollars each. An investment fund pumped several million into the organization in 2020, with which Mirsalehi hopes to convert around 100 million dollars in the period 2020-2023.

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