Film review Zwanger & Co: one big pink cloud situation

Want to ‘float’ out of the cinema on a pink cloud? Then the romantic comedy Pregnant & Co the tip for the coming summer weeks. Sweeter than sweet, but also a film to smile mindlessly at.

Who else but Johan Nijenhuis is of course the director of another genuine Dutch rom-com. Due to corona perils, two will even run at the same time from tomorrow. Because also the gold-winning title Moroccan Wedding is currently on display. Subway wrote about it: ‘A feast to watch.’ Nijenhuis’ newest baby Pregnant & Co – we are clearly still on that pink cloud – is Subways Movie Review of the Week.

The story of Zwanger & Co

As a midwife, Merel (a very nice leading role for Lieke van Lexmond) knows in Pregnant & Co that she cannot wait indefinitely with her wish to have children. But hey, the perfect man is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, her family is growing rapidly. People over 40 and her mother and stepfather Annet (Maaike Martens) and Theo (Matteo van der Grijn) try to have another baby, but then daughter and Merel’s sister Eva (Bo Maerten) suddenly appear pregnant. The two also become grandparents. Despite his age, Merel’s father Piet (Thom Hoffman) throws himself into his daddy’s day and tries to make up for what he has missed before with his second leg. Merel then decides to go for single motherhood. Just when the test gives a plus and the hormones are coursing through her body, the charming Luuk (Waldemar Torenstra) turns everything upside down. Can you still follow it? So such a movie.

Semi-acting Netherlands in Zwanger & Co

Johan Nijenhuis has about half-acting Netherlands and some well-known, normally non-acting heads for Pregnant & Co taken out of stock. Above we have not even mentioned Carolina Dijkhuizen, Manuel Broekman, Beppie Melissen, Leo Alkemade and, for example, even Leonie ter Braak. As a girlfriend of Merel’s ex, the latter TV presenter plays a violent birth scene, something she also experienced in real life. She reports about her short performance Subway nevertheless laughing: “A starring role!” And also Soumaya Ahouaoui, who shines as the lead actress in Moroccan Weddingwe see in this film.

Has Pregnant & Co much around the body? Meh. It is and remains a romantic comedy and with Johan Nijenhuis you know what you are getting. One very big pink cloud in this case. When a woman asks her husband about this film, there will undoubtedly be a ‘why?’ Men who will soon become fathers are not included, of course.

Pregnant & Co Lieke van Lexmond Leo Alkemade
Lieke van Lexmond has to fill in for her ex Leo Alkemade as a nurse. Photo: Maarten Keller

There is definitely something to enjoy

But you can enjoy Pregnant & Co sure. Ambulance driver Waldemar Torenstra has a nice role as a possible prince on the white horse. Thom Hoffman is going through the biggest change as a father. First he is the ‘dad’ who forgets his daughter’s birthday and asks how her boyfriend is, when that relationship ended two years earlier. But that changes completely. Maaike Martens’ game is really enjoyable, who sees all kinds of things on the silver screen, TV (The Lice Mother!) and does something good in the theatre.

Pregnant and Co Maaike Martens
Manuel Broekman, Bo Maerten and Maaike Martens. Photo: Maarten Keller

As mother Annet, she gives her daughter a donor for her birthday. She has her ‘sperm bookkeeper’ in mind for this. “He has already delivered four donor children and they have nothing strange.” Just make it up… Just like a Turkish fruit-scene in the rain, but on Love Me Just a Little Bit More of the Dolly Dots.

And so baby t carry on nicely. Must see† Well no. But if you sit down and look stupid, as the expression sometimes sounds, you will not be disappointed.

Rating from 5: 2.5

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Film review Zwanger & Co: one big pink cloud situation