Daily Horoscope July 7 – Wishes can come true, Libra! † Horoscopes


Home and family that are normally important to you are moving more or less into the background this year. The focus will be on your career. You can be very successful. Jupiter is the planet that determines this and that is in charge from May 11 to the end of October and from December 21.


In a certain situation, you may overreact or even become angry. Think about why you can’t get along with someone. Opt for a candid conversation when you find out. You can move mountains today if you want.


If you are observant, you make it difficult for others to deceive you. A good time to identify and raise issues. As a result, some issues may suddenly turn out to be less serious.


Problems that arise in the workplace will be short-lived. That has to do with your natural self-confidence and optimism. Talk to someone who opposes you, if you have any indications to do so.


You can be confused by someone’s attraction because you know it’s not good for you. Unfortunately you are not in a sensible mood today. Don’t be provoked, because then you could be blamed for something unpleasant.


Stop leaving things to chance and get to the bottom of confusing issues. Speakers and those in sales can do a great job. Others will listen breathlessly to your insights and opinions.


A deep-seated need for freedom can make you suddenly find your environment and normal routine boring. This can lead to both disagreement and passion. Be extra careful on the highway.


There seems to be conflicting trends that will leave you with both obstacles and an opportunity to take advantage. Wishes can become reality. However, money can be an issue.


It can be easy to hit targets today, though you’ll have to do your best to get a superior to see things the way you want them to. The cosmos provides emotions and disappointment, but also charm.


You are mentally in shape. Figuring out technology or business issues can take up part of the day and it seems wise to call in an expert. You can make a big change.


Preferably you will be left alone today to do your own thing. Responsibilities can weigh heavily and lead to self-pity. Care for the fate of someone who is having a harder time and count your blessings for yourself.


Don’t try to do everything at once if it becomes a busy day, because then you will achieve little or nothing. While this is a creative time, you may experience uncertainty. Expect the unexpected in the coming days.


A new interest can take up a lot of time, when you actually have to work. Make up for lost time by staying longer on the case. Keep calm when in-laws make it difficult for you. They will thank you for that later.

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