‘Big Brother’ star Betty now has a curvier: “Over 100 kilos, but good in my own skin” | BV

BVThe battle with the scales, a lot of people know that that battle is not easy. Well, Betty Owczarek (46), who taught Flanders what ‘worrying’ is in the first ‘Big Brother’, is no longer awake. She posted a movie on TikTok in which she dances exuberantly. And yes, Betty, who has been working as a nurse in a hospital for a while, is considerably more bulky than it was a few years ago. But the cheerfulness and zest for life splashed off her.

Then Betty posted the clip on another social media channel. With the following message: “Beyond the 100 kg. And actually sick and tired of having to hide and have to apologize or answer for it. Yes, I know I’ve gained weight because I also have a mirror and even a scale. And oh yes, I used to be thinner and have changed a lot 22 years after ‘Big Brother’, madame and mister. A whole life on a head of lettuce and two croutons doesn’t interest me anymore. I just want to be serious when necessary and make fun when I find it necessary and with fat lobes, so be it. I am who I am. And now party!”

Betty stands up for body positivity† But she still deleted this post and also the TikTok video. Because she got a negative comment on it? The editors of ‘TV Familie’ tried to contact her, but without success.


The TV star embraces her body primarily for herself. Because she has seriously struggled with her weight over the years. “I’ve tried many ways to manage my weight,” she said some time ago. “I know from experience that the diets that are said to make you lose weight quickly and easily are the least efficient. If you really want to do something about your weight, you should choose a slow, gradual way to lose weight.” Betty was on a diet almost constantly for a long time. “I started that after my first pregnancy,” she said. “At one point I was so distraught that I turned on the heavy resources. First I took pills that filter the fat from your diet in your intestines. You eat a bag of fries and because of those pills it seems as if pure oil flows from your body afterwards when you go to the toilet. After three weeks I hadn’t lost any weight. Only later did I understand why: I did not adjust my diet and continued to eat unhealthy.”

Betty at the festivals in 2011. © BELGA

Now Betty has largely been liberated from the oppressive ideal of thinness that many women suffer from. “I love good food and will start dieting tomorrow”, reveals her profile on TikTok. “I took pills to lose weight.”

Betty is still happy with Peter, whom she married nine years ago. She has a daughter from her previous marriage: Evita. And there is also daughter Melanie from her first marriage. After a career as Flanders’ most fun blonde, Betty is now a nurse. She gave her last performance three summers ago at the Kamping Kitsch festival.


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