True crime, the swagger of the Sex Pistols and the biceps of Average Rob

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The new six-part miniseries ‘Pistol’ chronicles the short and turbulent life of the English punk band Sex Pistols in picture. In the director’s chair: none other than the world-famous British director Danny Boylea† The actors Boyle chases on stage as the Sex Pistols are, on the other hand, noble unknowns. Anson Boon: “Since his flaming criticism of us, I’ve liked Johnny Rotten even more.”

Now on display on Disney+

‘Sporza: UEFA European Women’s Football Championship 2022’

The Tour de France, the Wimbledon tennis tournament, the Belgian Championship Ultimate Frisbee: these are busy times for our sweatpants and therefore also for our seat. Today, the European Football Championship for women will also be added. For the first time, VRT will broadcast all matches of that European Championship live on TV, starting with the opening match between host country England and Austria.

At 20.35 on Canvas

Average Rob in ‘Spartacus Run’Image VTM

‘Spartacus Run’

Even more sport, but then with BVs that do breakneck feats: in ‘Spartacus Run’ 24 voluntary show-offs complete an obstacle course, under the watchful eye of a commentator Michel Wuyts and presenter Andy Peelman† Tonight it’s the turn Lauren Versnick and Average Rob: ‘I didn’t know what it would be exactly, only that it would be intense. Ideal, because I take on such challenges every week on my YouTube channel, usually without training.’

At 21.30 on VTM

Matthew Cox and neuroscientist Moran Cerf in 'In the brain of the impostor' Image KRONCRV

Matthew Cox and neuroscientist Moran Cerf in ‘Into the Impostor’s Brain’Image KRONCRV

‘In the brain of the impostor’

Six cunning international master con artists are thoroughly analyzed by a team of experts in this new series. How do they manage to play their victims like that? Is it a gift? An extra sense? In the first episode, former Florida mortgage broker explains Matthew Cox in great detail how he forged documents and, among other things, defrauded the Bank of America for huge sums.

At 22.20 on NPO 2

Jolynn & Jason in 'OnlyFans: The naked Flemish truth' Image Streamz

Jolynn & Jason in ‘OnlyFans: The naked Flemish truth’Image Streamz

‘OnlyFans, the naked Flemish truth’

OnlyFans, the online platform where someone offers access to his or her spicy videos for a fee, also proves to be very popular in Flanders among small, adventurous self-employed people. Flemish ‘OnlyFans’ stars show in this four-part series – previously seen on Streamz – how they treat their ‘fans’ to all kinds of goodies. “Sometimes I even get excited when I watch my own movies.”

At 22.50 on Play5

‘Das Boot: Season 2’

Because Canvas misses every opportunity to broadcast more World War II, tonight it presents the second season of the prestigious drama series based on the eponymous, powerful and claustrophobic war classic from 1981. One of the leading roles in it is played by Tom Wlaschihawho is currently making waves as Dmitri ‘Enzo’ Antonov in ‘Stranger Things’.

At 23.10 on Canvas

Girl in the picture Image Netflix

Girl in the pictureImage Netflix

‘Girl in the Picture’

Five years after the insane true crime documentary ‘Abducted in Plain Sight’, director Skye Borgman and her team come up with a story that is even stranger, and that once again centers on the sad fate of a young woman. The girl from the title is called Sharon Marshall† When an investigative reporter got hold of a photo of her and her father, he noticed that she had a look of fear rather than happiness in her eyes. He began to delve into Sharon’s life, uncovering a web of abuse and crime that defies all imagination.

Now available on Netflix

‘Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between’

Jordan Fishero and Talia Ryder (recently in Spielberg’s ‘West Side Story’) star in this romantic teen comedy Aidan and Clare, a couple who had always planned to break up before college. On their very last date, they recount their time together, talking to family and friends, seeking out meaningful places and telling each other their deepest secrets. The key question is: can the two then say goodbye for good or is the love too strong?

Now available on Netflix

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