Maxim Hartman lashes out at farmer in talk show Renze: ‘Being a farmer is not a right’ peasant protest

633,000 people saw how Maxim Hartman and dairy farmer Dolf Heikoop clashed with each other last night in Renze Klamer’s brand new talk show. The men got into a discussion about the impact of nitrogen, after which Hartman repeatedly stated that he thinks the farmers should accept the plans. “Being a farmer is not a right. Do you understand? Where does that idea come from?”

Farmer Dolf joined Renze Klamer’s talk show yesterday to talk about the farmers’ protests. He did not support all the demonstrations, but also said that no perspective is offered. “Whatever we do, it just keeps going. And I don’t necessarily approve of closing distribution centers, but yes, come up with a good solution.”

Hartman immediately saw an opportunity to follow the words of the dairy farmer. ,,You looked proud when you just saw those images. You say: ‘I don’t support it’, but you did look at those images with a certain smile.” That’s right, Dolf confirmed. ,,Yes, I think it’s nice that we as a whole agriculture are doing something,’ he responded. But has it awakened politics? No!”

According to Hartman, protesting does not always have to yield something. ,,You can make yourself heard, but if the whole country is affected by it… How many farmers are there actually? 53,000? How many actually participate in those blockages? How can an entire country be disrupted by 10,000 farmers?” he wondered.

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Dairy farmer Dolf in talk show Renze. © RTL


After former Secretary of State Fred Teeven, who was also a guest, hooked up with Hartman and stated that his statements were ‘a bit exaggerated’, the discussion seemed to have come to an end. But dairy farmer Dolf was not done with the subject and explained that having a conversation was pointless. ,,We have to talk, but it shouldn’t be tinkered with. Or at least: the plan should not be off the table at all.”

Those words went wrong with Hartman. “You say: those farmers have to move on. But that is precisely the point, those farmers are not allowed to continue. You have to accept that, you just have to retrain.” According to farmer Dolf, Hartman had no idea what he was talking about. “If you dare to say this, you don’t know what you’re saying. You are talking about all our companies. We really won’t let that take us away! I am 100 percent farmer. I don’t know any better than that I wanted to be a farmer. And I don’t know any better than to remain a farmer.”

Hartman then pointed out to the dairy farmer that ‘being a farmer is not a right’. ,,Do you understand? Where does that idea come from?” Dolf then stated that he did receive permits. “But those permits are being revoked. I don’t think you have the right to say: I remain a farmer and will always remain a farmer. That’s bullshit. If society says: we no longer need you as a farmer, then you have to stop. Finished!”

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That is precisely why the parties will not come to an agreement, the dairy farmer retorted. Ron König, mayor of Deventer, made himself heard afterwards. “I don’t think we should put it so sharply against each other,” he soothed the discussion.

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