After yoga, now dance class for dog in Massa, Kassa is: ‘With souped-up rat?’

reality soap Mass is cashier regularly delivers astonishing moments. Or new hobbies. The Gillis family’s life isn’t all about running holiday parks (or as boss and millionaire Peter Gillis says, “I have holiday factories”). No, there is also time for… dance class for the dog. It exists and dog Coco had to believe it last night.

Coco is the dog of the lady of the house, Nicol Kremers. Or, as voice-over Frank Lammers puts it: “Peter’s girlfriend, 30 years her junior, isn’t having an easy time either. It tries to train an unwilling rodent. Because that gives her life meaning.” Nicol recently tried that by having Coco take a dog yoga course. Mass is cashier would Mass is cashier not be, if that caused a lot of hilarity among the SBS6 viewers. Or, again according to Frank Lammers: “Disaster television.”

Dance class for the dog in Massa is Kassa

Meanwhile, Coco also undergoes one costume party after another, with countless beautiful dog suits. But last night it was in Mass is cashier time for dance class. Not for Nicol, but for her dog. This after the grave of Peter Gillis’ mother was neatly left behind. The cross on the grave, according to Peter ‘a collector’s item’, has already been stolen six or seven times and is now cast in concrete. The purchase of a hat by son Mark Gillis (‘Markie Parkie’) also attracted a lot of attention last night.

Back to Coco. The dog had been given a special ballet dress for the occasion. The dog dance teacher took Nicol and Coco inside the dance hall to find out if the dog ‘likes it’. “I don’t like mud fields.” She shows it first with her own dog, who probably circles her legs day in and day out and hangs neatly on a stick with two legs.

Slow foxtrot by Coco

Coco (again free after Frank Lammers: “The object with its own walk-in closet”) has no idea. “Are you paying attention, Coco?” Nicol says to her animal. And: “I find this very interesting.” The result of this Mass is cashierexperiment: little, very little. „This is going to be a slow foxtrot I think”, concludes the dance teacher. And Nicol is quickly fed up: „Coco is a bit done with it for today. Huh, princess?”

Mass is cash register Coco
Coco from Massa is Kassa eh… dances. Screenshot: SBS6 / Mass is Cash Register

Viewers of Mass is cashier enjoyed the scene again. Or not. “Free Coco!” tweeted one Tom. And John: “Can’t they take that dog from Nicol? This is just animal cruelty. Paint a dog’s nails, put on clothes and go to dance class.” A bit exaggerated of course, because to demand after a few dance steps and a dress up. But many other viewers also liked it. A brief overview:

And Coco? During a bike ride – Peter Gillis has to lose weight – it almost ended up between the spokes. But otherwise the four-legged friend is doing well.

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After yoga, now dance class for dog in Massa, Kassa is: ‘Doesn’t go with a souped-up rat’