Guus and Manon Meeuwis share even more wedding photos, singer launches special song | Instagram show

with picturesGuus Meeuwis (50) and Manon Meijers (44), who from now on also bears the surname Meeuwis, have released the first photos of their wedding yesterday. The two beaming in the Portuguese sun, he in a black and gray suit and she in a cream dress with bare arms and legs and a transparent bottom.

After a first photo this afternoon, the two, who are normally very private, also share a video with a whole series of images from the big day.

It shows, among other things, how Robert ten Brink leads the ceremony and that Guus’ four children from his first marriage enjoy it to the fullest. The new song is playing in the background Yes, which the artist is launching today in honor of the wedding. ,,I know that ‘yes’ can surprise you, with you I dare it”, he sings. “Because I know you’ll catch me, I say ‘yes’.”

Among the posts it immediately rains congratulations from well-known colleagues such as Rolf Sanchez, Suzan & Freek and Nielson. “Congratulations, handsome,” writes the latter.

Manon, who became known as a stylist thanks to The fashion police, recently announced that she would adopt Guus’ surname. It was a wish from one of his children. Manon belongs to the family and the name should also be included, was the thought. ,,I think that’s the very best reason to change my name”, said Manon, who noted that ‘Manon Meeuwis’ in his French net’mais non, mais oui‘ is, or ‘but no, but yes’.

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The wedding was postponed several times due to the coronavirus. The two traveled to Portugal this weekend to finally celebrate the wedding. “In the seventh heaven and with their heads in the clouds they are busy with the preparations,” said their spokesman this week.

Meeuwis, who had children Pepijn, Sarah, Teun and Jules from his first marriage, proposed to Meijers in 2019, but did not want to say anything about their wedding plans at the time. Radio DJ Frank Dane previously asked him whether the wedding would take place abroad or in the Netherlands. Meeuwis responded cryptically: “It is everywhere, love is everywhere.”

The Portuguese open air contrasts sharply with the Tilburg villa in which the two live together. In 2018, Meeuwis bought a plot of land for 1.1 million euros with a 103 year old country house on it. That had the singer razed to the ground to build a whole new building. The particularly sleek, almost windowless end result caused a stir among many Tilburg residents. They thought it an outright crime to mutilate the beautiful street with a building that would look very much like a funeral home.

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