Máxima in beautiful white during state banquet

The state visit to Austria is in full swing. Tonight, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima will prick a fork in the beautiful Belvedere Palace. Here you can read everything about Máxima’s dress and jewellery.

A little more about the state visit: The Netherlands and Austria are partners with excellent political, economic and cultural relations, both bilaterally and within the European Union (EU), the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the United Nations (UN). The state visit highlights the strong ties between the two countries and boosts relations. The theme of the visit is sustainable mobility, connected society and cultural exchange.

Outfit: Asymmetrical Gown with One Puff Sleeve
Designer: Stella McCartney
Previously worn: yes, 2019

*sigh* So beautiful!

Photo: PPE

Photo: PPE

With the dress in 2019:

Design by Stella McCartney:

The haircut, so beautiful:

Diadem: Queen Máxima wears the beautiful antique pearl diadem, sometimes incorrectly referred to as the “Paulowna Pearl Diadem”. This is because Queen Anna Pavlovna once owned a diadem that had great similarities with the diadem worn in Austria.

Close-up of Máxima’s diadem

The diadem that the Queen is wearing tonight was made in 1900 on behalf of the then Queen Wilhelmina, after an example (!) of the diadem of her Russian Grandmother. Anna Pavlovna’s diadem was probably inherited by her daughter, Princess Sophie, Grand Duchess of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. However, the large pear-shaped pearls mounted on the current diadem are much older than the jewel itself. The pearls (at least 4) from 1646 (!) come from Amalia van Solms, the 17th-century Dutch princess. The pearls she owns are set on a base of diamonds, garland with fleur-de-lys ornaments. The diadem can also be worn without pearls. This version was actually the first diadem that Maxima ever wore. Queen Wilhelmina was therefore the first wearer of this diadem, since then the pearl diadem has been worn by all Dutch queens. It was Queen Juliana who inherited the beautiful jewel and later placed it in the Royal Family Jewelery Foundation, which she founded, so that the preservation of this beautiful specimen was assured for her descendants.

Devant the corsage
On the left shoulder of Maxima’s “one-shoulder” evening gown, tonight, a beautiful, historic, large brooch, also known as the devant-de-corsage or stomacher, adorns. This diamond and pearl devant de corsage is most likely the property of Grand Duchess Catharina Pavlovna (Queen of Württemberg). Her daughter, Queen Sophie (first wife of King Willem III) inherited this jewel from her mother. The jewel consists of a large open bow, which contains 5 extremely rare (cushion cut) pink diamonds, probably from Brazil. Large pear-shaped pearls hang from the long diamond garlands and small bow. This devant de corsage is one of the oldest jewels in the Dutch Royal Jewelery Collection and can be worn in many different versions. Maxima wears the largest version, Queen Juliana often also wore the full version of this jewel. Her daughter Beatrix often wore the shortest version, namely only the bow, sometimes with the 3 large pearls hanging from it.

Mellerio diamond pendants with historic teardrop pearls, from the royal vault.

Large button pearl rimmed with diamonds. Probably from Queen Sophie’s estate. Can be disassembled on various bracelets and necklaces.

Information about the jewelry thanks to Edwin Fellner, our jewelry expert.

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