Daily Horoscope June 29 – Romance Rises, Sagittarius! † Horoscopes


It matters more to a Cancer than to other signs what he/she eats, and even more so how. The art of eating requires more attention than the amount you take in. Eat slowly, take your time, then the food will digest better. It is also important to avoid stress and anxiety.


Your support and assistance can be called upon and you may have to cancel an appointment as a result. Do your duty, even if you feel flattered. Stay focused and disciplined. A rendezvous promises a lot of good.


Don’t be intimidated by someone’s prestige or reputation. Believe it or not, you’re cut from the same cloth. There is a special aura around you; others support and believe you. Stay ethical in everything you do and undertake.


Beware of overconsumption; an appointment can get out of hand. Tension may have built up in a relationship, but if you really love each other, it can still work out. Keep emotional demands and anger under your breath.


Do yourself a favor and don’t look at a few cents. The better you take care of yourself, the more comfortable you will be. Married people should consult with their partner if they want to spend a lot of money, so that no arguments arise.


Don’t insist on someone’s support if they don’t feel comfortable with it. A potential partner will prefer to keep your distance if you are less stable now. Financial restrictions now may provide relief at a later stage.


If you try to do too much, or do everything too fast, you’ll make a mess and you’ll get exhausted, too. Don’t tell yourself you can handle anything. Be enthusiastic, but also realistic and keep your promises. Don’t take the shortest route.


Your relationship with women can lead to a tough or interesting confrontation. One can turn against you, the other wants to support you. Try to remain tactful and diplomatic. The day will run smoothly if you stay focused.


Achieving a goal can be harder than you think. You have too much on your plate and too little time. Do not panic. Take a deep breath and get to work. At the end of the day, all your problems will be gone.


Romance increases. If you have mistrusted someone, it now becomes clear why. It’s less bad than you thought; the other has good reason to be secretive. Don’t overreact to trivial things.


Be moderate in your spending; Spending a lot of money doesn’t make you happy. Strive for subtlety. Don’t try to get everything the neighbors have or follow in the footsteps of people who throw money.


You are more outgoing than usual. An encounter can result in an interesting relationship if you are yourself and don’t pretend. A colleague can say something that has to do with you; you’ll be able to laugh about it. Don’t say anything.


You need space and pampering and it is important to organize your day in such a way that both wishes can be met. You have plenty of creative ideas and you will be able to develop them constructively. Someone wants to be with you.

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