Paula Jakobi is addicted to drawing and painting

Budel / Weert – Concentrated, Paula Jakobi puts her brush on the canvas. With orange she brings a self-invented creation to life. Paula follows the beginners course Drawing and painting by RICK in the Multifunctional center De Borgh in Budel. “Even though I get very old, the girl in me, or the fantasy, will never go out.”

Every Wednesday afternoon Paula Jakobi (68 years old) enjoys going to class. “The Borgh is within walking distance and the two hours of lessons fly by.” She used to draw, but never painted. “I just wanted to try it and now I’m addicted to it,” she laughs.

Paula’s head is full of ideas and fantasy. In 1971 she went to America for a year as an exchange student. There she got to know pop music and the love for music arose. Back in the Netherlands she went to the conservatory in Tilburg and chose the pop side. After that she did a lot with music, including composing songs in English. She also founded the fan club of the symphonic rock band Yes. This fan club still exists, giving Paula contacts all over the world. Since it was not possible to earn a living with music at that time, she ended up working for the government through all kinds of jobs. But the creative has been there from an early age. “I always want to create something that doesn’t exist yet. And whether that is with chords or paint, it doesn’t matter that much.”

Through her sister’s daughter, Paula heard that RICK was giving a drawing and painting course in De Borgh in Budel this spring. The three of them gave up. “My brother passed away in November and all three of us wanted to change our minds.” It was a bull’s eye. “During painting you become detached from everything around you.” Paula even calls it the best form of meditation. “With painting you have an on and off button. It’s nice to be blank in your head for a few hours.”

During the course, Paula started drawing on paper and afterwards she started working with paint. Pencils, brushes, paint, etc. Everything is there. “The great thing about it is that you can try everything. Which paper you like, whether you want to work with pencil or charcoal. I remember well how it felt to sit in front of a blank canvas for the first time. You’re scared, where to start? Just start.” She recommends this to anyone who wants to learn to draw and paint. “People can do a lot more than they think. Don’t be afraid and procrastinate, just do it!”

The course is given by teacher Loes van Reijmersdal from RICK. She walks around and gives tips to the students. “Loes teaches us to mix colors, among other things,” laughs Paula. “And the weird thing is, the more you paint, the less paint you use because you learn to estimate the amount better.” A colorful flower girl or rather a nature woman appears on Paula’s canvas. “When you paint, you see that everything consists of color.” As an illustration, Paula points outside, to the ivy in the garden. “There are so many shades of green in the ivy alone.” Alongside the nature woman, Paula paints all kinds of orange doodlings and fantasy dolls, which she used to spontaneously draw in her notebook during meetings. “Now they come in handy.”

Paula has become addicted to drawing and painting and is happy that there will be a follow-up course in Budel. “The lessons are an incentive. They keep you busy.”

From Thursday September 22, 2022, another drawing and painting course by RICK will start in the Borgh in Budel. In addition, groups start in September in Weert, Stramproy and Nederweert.

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