Boechout lawyer wins ‘Bokken’: “I have to confirm the cliché that it is easier at home in your couch than in that TV studio” (Boechout)

Verhoeven first provided a thriller of a preliminary round. Only with the last question did he take a lead and it was 850-830 against Peter Vranckx from Kessel-Lo. Only one wrong answer was given in the entire preliminary round. “It was a fierce neck-and-neck race. And then came the ultimate question: which Belgian provincial capital has the same name as Norway’s second largest city? I knew the answer was Bergen”, Dimitri recalls.

Opponent Peter Vranckx accepts the loss, but calls it ‘a bit sour to lose like that’. “I put a lot of preparation into that final. I was able to answer all questions well. I was just beaten on speed. It must not have been due to the preparation because I had read all the books, and checked on Oscar, Ensor and MIA’s winners.”

Peter Vranckx was better

It is remarkable that Vranckx was the best player of this season with nine participations. “I had participated six times at the time, half of which were even in the previous year,” said Verhoeven. “For a long time it was uncertain whether that was enough to end up in the final week. Since I only just got in, I had to play all the episodes of this final week, thus beating five other top players from this season. Did I feel a difference in level with the last time? I think there was even more intense printing. Sometimes already at the start of the question. The number of wrong answers was also much more limited than last time.”

As the final winner, it cannot be otherwise than that Dimitri has blocked himself drowsy. “I’ve always had that intention, but it never happened,” he confesses. “Because what would you study then? There is so much information. Although I may have stored information unconsciously. Every time a new minister was appointed, for example, I did not miss it. And I remember things quite easily when I read something.”

Dimitri Verhoeven, Ben Crabbe and Peter Vranckx. © VRT

Verhoeven also calls his victory a lot of luck. “The most important thing is to be fast when printing. It is always said that the quiz in the studio is harder than at home. I can confirm that. You feel the pressure.”

His previous passage in blocks, in which Dimitri did not find the eight letter word in the sixth participation, yielded a nice amount of money of 5,250 euros. “I bought a pizza wood oven for the garden with it. A large part of the money has been spent on that.”


The man from Boechout had to keep it a secret for about a month that he again pulled the longest straw. “The relief and release after that ultimate final only came after an hour and a half. In the previous episodes I had played that final under a little less pressure because there was personally nothing to win. The 1,000 euros went to a good cause and I was automatically assured of a spot in the next episode. Fortunately, the trip goes to Scandinavia because I can’t stand the heat well. For me, that destination is ideal. I must have been about 10 years old when I was once in Norway, but I have few memories of that.”

Dimitri is a lawyer in Antwerp and specialized in private construction law. “Something completely different from the television world, although you can also regularly detect some stress in my work. Just think of the times when you have to plead. I don’t do criminal law, so I’m not one of those lawyers you regularly see doing interviews in the media. A television studio was unfamiliar territory for me.”

“Did you know that I hesitated for a long time to participate in blocks† But in hindsight, I can only recommend it to everyone”, concludes the Block Champion.