‘Alexia is called the most Argentine of the three daughters’

It looks like she’s celebrating her birthday at home with Mom and Dad, because the traditional photo shoot was last Friday and she was there again. Freshly flown in from Wales where she attends school. Amalia is pleased that Alexia is back in the Netherlands, she said in the press interview last Friday. She said that she misses her sister when they are not together, ‘especially eating and laughing together’ but when Alexia is back home ‘she borrows my things again’ and then the fun is over, Amalia says with a smile .

It wouldn’t surprise me if she throws a party in the immense garden of Paleis Huis ten Bosch. That was also the case in previous years (pre Corona). Further in the garden is a house (don’t forget that ‘you’) with a swimming pool. The perfect hot spot for the daughters to retreat from meddling parents. And therefore the perfect location to celebrate your birthday.

A few years ago, I saw pictures on social media of one such party, showing Alexia sitting at a table with her friends – including a perfectly suited flower arrangement – ​​and a golden ‘happy birthday’ garland on the wall behind her. She wore a casual black Nike shirt and posed with all the friends. The swimming pool was also put to good use, because the photos show that Alexia and her friends are floating in the water on air mattresses and large swimming pools. I can imagine worse parties as a teenager.

But the princess has changed schools and perhaps the old school friends have been replaced by new ones and suddenly something completely different is planned. In short, a new phase of life.

Alexia has spent the past school year in the – not always sunny – Wales, at the international school Atlantic College. And that is a bit different than what she was used to. Because of the TikTok videos, which leaked here and there, the princess quickly got the image of a girl who loves parties and fashion a few years ago. How different her life seems now. The school where she attends 24/7 is very focused on major themes such as climate change, human rights and world peace. Alexia seems to feel like a fish in water there. She participates in a climate march and dresses in revealing clothing to draw attention to LGBTIQ+ rights.

Alexia is also called the most Argentine of the three daughters. If we are to believe Maxima, her daughter is a real Latina. When Alexia was a baby, Maxima said: “She is very temperamental. Either she laughs loudly or she cries loudly. There is nothing in between.” Also in Maxima’s native Argentina, Alexia is considered one of them.

In any case, Alexia and her mother are four hands on one stomach. During photo sessions and royal days, the princess often visits her mother. They have a lot of eye contact, short conversations and regularly put an arm around each other or hold hands.

Also last Friday I saw it again during the photo session. Yes, one thing is for sure; Alexia grows up in a beautiful and warm family and develops into a young woman who will cope well in the royal life that awaits her. I will continue to follow it with great interest.

Although Alexia is still staying in Wales, her big sister Amalia is going to study next school year. She will join a student association. You can see how she sees that in the video below.