Yvonne Coldeweijer demands rectification of BNR, otherwise files a complaint | show

Yvonne Coldeweijer requests BNR to state both on the website and in a Talitha Muusse broadcast ‘that BNR’s actions are contrary to the journalistic principles’. That is stated in an official letter that was sent to the news medium on June 10 on behalf of the Life of Yvonne vlogster and which she shared on Friday via a link in her Instagram Stories. In that letter, Coldeweijer demands a correction, otherwise she will ‘submit a complaint to the Council for Journalism’.

The vlogster gave BNR five working days for this, which have now passed. Coldeweijer wrote in her Instagram message that the letter was ‘not heeded’. “According to the guidelines of the Journalism Council, we should now wait a month before we can submit our letter to the Council. Two weeks of this have now passed.”

Coldeweijer previously shared a video suggesting that Muusse used drugs. That video later turned out to be staged by the presenter and BNR, who had sent the video anonymously to the vlogster. With the promotion, Muusse and the radio station wanted to show how juice channels such as Life or Yvonne work. “How easy is it to spread falsehoods through a juice channel? Incredibly easy, according to research by BNR,” the news medium wrote in an article. “A blurry video was enough for Yvonne Coldeweijer to accuse BNR presenter Talitha Muusse of coke use in front of almost half a million Instagram followers.”


According to the vlogster, the role of the press is not to make news itself, but to inform the public, she states in the letter. “However, because of BNR’s conduct, BNR has done so.” BNR would also like to limit its freedom of expression ‘and that is unworthy of a journalistic platform such as BNR and in any case contrary to journalistic principles’. She therefore demands that BNR report that the medium Coldeweijer has ‘lured into a trap without valid reason, which goes against the journalistic principle that a journalist will not provoke without a valid reason’.

Coldeweijer said earlier that she had received a different video than the one BNR showed itself. According to her, the ‘sniff part’ that she says she had received from the video that the radio station itself shares, has been cut. She indicated that she felt misled and felt that BNR and Muusse wanted to ‘prove that I am not of integrity’. She claimed to have acted lawfully by sharing the video.

BNR did not want to respond to the letter on Friday. Editor-in-chief Mireille van Ark said earlier that the vlogster is free to go to the Council for Journalism.

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