This is what Babette van Veen’s handsome sons look like

We introduce you to Sebastiaan and Silvijn.

The sons of Babette van Veen

Babette had her sons with presenter Bas Westerweel. She was married to Bas for twelve years until their relationship came to a painful end. Bas would have fallen in love with the neighbor: the reason for a divorce.

Ex husband

Bas stayed with the neighbor in question for four years and has been happy for some time now with Marieke Hulsegge, Eddy Zoëy’s ex-wife.

Single mother

Babette has largely raised their sons alone. After the divorce she stayed behind in their home in Maarssen. Only when she made a comeback in GTST things improved financially and she moved with her sons to a new home in Soest.


Babette has not had a long-term relationship since her divorce. She told about it Story: “Probably I want too much from a man. And I also find it quite difficult to find a nice guy. Where do you come across it? I’m not into tindering or internet dating. I sometimes go out with a man, but they are always acquaintances of friends who want to connect me with someone. And that always comes to nothing.”

Advantage of being single

“There is almost never a second date with the same man. Maybe that’s also because I like my existence as a single. I definitely don’t miss a man in my life. It is wonderful to decide for myself whether and when I open a bottle of wine, relax on my couch or go on holiday alone. I think the benefits of being single are greater than having a relationship in which you have to take everything into account,” says Babette.

Photos of sons

Babette doesn’t often post pictures of her sons on Instagram. For example, she wrote on Mother’s Day: “I never post anything with my ‘children’ who are now two heads taller than me… but on Mother’s Day it’s allowed, right? If I do one of the two, I always forget to take pictures, so stupid.”

Children ‘take’

“I think about it quite often,” she continues in the caption, “that the moment you think of ‘taking’ (you must have that luck) children… you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into? And how fast does it all go?! Now I’m one of those people who keeps telling people with little ones ‘enjoy it, it’ll be over soon’. All ages are nice, small children, big children … but it goes so bizarrely fast”, says Babette.

roll in GTST

In Behind the perfect picture on a trip Babette tells a funny fact about her eldest son Sebastian. He almost had a part in GTST had. He once auditioned after Babette’s boss saw him walking. Then they said, “What a handsome guy, won’t he audition?” And he actually would have done quite well. But I don’t think it’s for him.”

Fun and happiness

She says about her sons: “My sons are really just everything. Of course I raised two boys more or less alone and that was not always easy. I had to give up a lot for it, but also had a lot of fun and happiness.”