Princess Amalia speaks about love life: ‘Experience a lot of love’

Princess Amalia (18) spoke to the press for the first time today during the biannual photo opportunity. Among other things, she was asked about her love life and study, which she will follow in Amsterdam.

“I experience a lot of love from the people around me”

The round of questions started with a serious question for Willem-Alexander, but one question after another was quickly asked to Amalia. Among other things, about her privacy, or better: the lack of it. “I have to be honest that it is sometimes annoying if you are just with your friends and have to pay attention to: can I do this or are pictures being taken? But in the end I am so grateful for the privacy that I have been granted is that if that’s a little less, that’s okay too.”

The princess also joked when asked about Prinsjesdag, where Amalia will also be present this year. “I still have to see if I can get in and out of the carriage with my long dress,” she laughed. “That will certainly have to be practiced again.” She doesn’t take on many more tasks now, so she can focus on her studies. She will soon be traveling with Queen Máxima for the UN. “After that we can think of everything. Because there is no lack of curiosity here,” Máxima said about her daughter.

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Amalia will study Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics at the University of Amsterdam after the summer. Something she is ‘extremely’ looking forward to, she said during the press moment. RTL Boulevard was naturally curious whether she would also join a student association. The answer is yes. Although the young royal emphasized that her studies come first. “It’s not just fun and partying, but I do want to join an association. I just don’t know which one, but I’m really looking forward to it.”

The daughter of Willem-Alexander and Máxima will also move into rooms next year and said that she would especially miss dinner with the family in the evening. She will also miss the beach in The Hague, as well as the stables where ‘her horse’ is kept. “But it’s just Amsterdam, I’m not going to the end of the world. So I can come back very soon.”

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She was also asked about her alleged boyfriend Isebrand, the German millionaire’s son. The princess replies ‘to be very happy in love’. Amalia: “I feel a lot of love from the people around me, but I know it’s not the answer you’re aiming for. That’s something I’d rather keep to myself, but I promise if anyone is serious, you be the first to hear it.”

When one of the journalists is then asked further, the king intervenes. “She’s just eighteen,” he puts the questioner in his place. “My daughter is going to study and just inventing life. I hope she meets a lot of nice people.” The princess finds it ‘difficult’ that photos of her and her ‘boyfriend’ have been leaked. “Those are moments when I was privately somewhere, but it is also part of it.”

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The summer photo session of King Willem-Alexander and his family was actually supposed to take place at the beach club La Cantina in The Hague, but because of the weather – code yellow was issued due to the expected rain, thunderstorms and gusts of wind – it was decided to move everything to Noordeinde Palace. Richard Arnold, owner of La Cantina, thinks it is ‘wise’ that the king and his family have the summer photo shoot at Noordeinde Palace, instead of in his beach club. Although Arnold understands, he finds it ‘very unfortunate’. “We were completely prepared for it,” he told the ANP. “We had been told it a long time ago. You have to respond to it.”

Last February, the Government Information Service announced that the annual photo sessions with the Oranges would look different from now on. From now on, the photo sessions no longer take place just before the royal family goes on holiday, but at times when the whole family can be present. This is partly because Princess Alexia lives in Wales and goes to school there.