Netflix Adds These 20 Movies New in July!

The Russo brothers made the switch from Marvel Studios to Netflix. And now come with The Gray Man† Today we list that movie and more that you can expect on Netflix in July.

Jersey Girl (2004)

Direction: Kevin Smith | cast: Betty Aberlin, Matt McFarland, Sarah Stafford, Paulie Litt | Release date: July 1st

Ollie Trinke (Ben Affleck) is a slick New York businessman with the world at his feet. He recently married the love of his life, Gertrude (Jennifer Lopez) and their first child is on the way. His perfect life changes tragically when his wife dies. In one fell swoop he is a single father. If he also loses his job, he is forced to go back to live with his father in his hometown of New Jersey. With the help of the beautiful young Maya (Liv Tyler), he tries to get his life back on track. She and his disarming daughter Gertie show him that sometimes you have to leave the past behind to be happy.Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003)

Direction: Jan de Bont | cast: Angelina Jolie, Gerard Butler, Ciarán Hinds, Chris Barrie | Release date: July 1st

In the second part of Tomb Raider, Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) must search for a temple that contains a key to “Pandora’s Box”. When this “box” is opened, it can unleash a power that can take millions of people’s lives. Lara must find this key and “box” before Chen Lo, head of a Chinese crime syndicate, wants to find “Pandora’s Box” and then sell it to the highest bidder.

The Ringer (2005)

Direction: Barry W. Blaustein | cast: Johnny Knoxville, Brian Cox, Katherine Heigl, Jed Rees | Release date: July 1st

Steve Barker (Johnny Knoxville) lowers himself to an all-time low to make money: he pretends to be mentally retarded to compete in the Special Olympics. However, he is easily surpassed by his fellow Olympians, who are not only better athletes, but have a better understanding of how the world works. Steve is soon discovered by his fellow athletes as a con man, but because everyone wants to see cocky champion Jimmy beaten, they try to help the cheater to victory. Together they train Steve to be a better athlete and above all a better person.

Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between (2022)

Direction: Michael Lewen | cast: Jordan Fisher, Jennifer Robertson, Julia Benson, Sarah Gray | Release date: 6th of July

After deciding to split up before college, a couple has one last date. They wonder if they should say goodbye forever.

Ranveer vs. Wild with Bear Grylls (2022)

Direction: Khuzema Haveliwala | cast: Ranveer Singh, Bear Grylls, Karan Kapadia | Release date: 8 July

Click through this interactive special in which superstar Ranveer Singh and adventurer Bear Grylls brave the Serbian wilderness to find a rare flower.

The Sea Beast (2022)

Direction: Chris Williams | cast: Dan Stevens, Karl Urban, Jared Harris, Kathy Burke | Release date: 8 July

We are in a time when fearsome monsters ruled the seas and monster hunters were heroes. The greatest hero among them is Jacob Holland. When young Maisie Brumble hides on Jacob’s ship as a stowaway, he has an unexpected ally. Together they embark on an epic adventure.

Dangerous Liaisons (2022)

Direction: Rachel Suissa | cast: Alexis Michalik, Julien Lopez, Aymeric Fougeron, Paola Locatelli | Release date: 8 July

Seventeen-year-old Célène is idealistic, believes in absolute love and is more interested in reading than social networks. She prepares to live separately from her betrothed Pierre, and leaves Paris for Biarritz. There, she soon finds herself up against the phony elite of her new school, ruled by former great movie star and Instagram queen Vanessa, and famed surfer Tristan. He is both dangerous and seductive. Célène falls in love with him and has no idea that she is at the center of a cruel bet between Tristan and Vanessa. How far will they go?

Incantation (2022)

Direction: Kevin Ko | cast: Hsuan-yen Tsai, Ying-hsien Kao, Sean Lin, Ching-Yu Wen | Release date: 8 July

Six years ago, Ruonan and her friends started hunting ghosts. During a cult ritual in a remote mountain village, they entered a forbidden tunnel of taboo, unleashing and spreading a horrific curse. Ruonan alone survived the macabre event. In the present, after undergoing psychiatric treatment, she regains custody of her daughter Duoduo. But then Ruonan discovers that the curse has taken over her daughter.

Malnazidos (2020)

Direction: Alberto de Toro, Javier Ruiz Caldera | cast: Miki Esparbé, Aura Garrido, Luis Callejo, Alvaro Cervantes | Release date: July 11

The Spanish Civil War. Months of bloody fighting leave thousands dead in the trenches. Jan Lozano, captain of the fifth assault brigade, is on a mission entrusted to him when he and a young driver are captured by an enemy platoon. The possibility of being executed diminishes when a new, unknown enemy shows up: flesh-eating zombies created in a Nazi experiment. Both rival parties must unite and put aside their mutual hatred in order to survive.

For Jojo (2022)

Direction: Barbara Ott | cast: Caro Cult, Nina Gummich, Steven Sowah, Louis Nitsche | Release date: July 11

Jojo and Paula have been inseparable best friends since childhood. In Berlin they enjoy their lives as young single women. But when Jojo falls in love with a young man from her hometown, Paula’s world collapses. She then does everything she can to stop Jojo from making the biggest mistake of her life: getting married.

Under the Amalfi Sun (2022)

Direction: Martina Pastori | cast: Lorenzo Zurzolo, Isabella Ferrari, Ludovica Martino, Luca Ward | Release date: July 13

A year after their romance began in Riccione, Vincenzo and Camilla reunite for a vacation on the Amalfi Coast and test their love.

jaadugar (2022)

Direction: Sameer Saxena | cast: Jitendra Kumar, Javed Jaffrey, Arushi Sharma, Bikram Malati | Release date: July 15

Meenu lives in the town of Neemuch where everyone loves football. He himself has nothing to do with the sport, and no athletic skills either. But Meenu, who prefers to take the stage as a magician, is forced to compete in a local soccer tournament when he meets the woman of his dreams. To marry her, Meenu will have to win with his team. There are only two things against him: the girl doesn’t love him back and Meenu’s team hasn’t won a game in years. He eventually discovers that his training as a showman can come in handy on the football field.

persuasion (2022)

Direction: Carrie Cracknell | cast: Dakota Johnson, Henry Golding, Suki Waterhouse, Richard E. Grant | Release date: July 15

Anne Elliot is a quirky woman who lives with her snobbish family. The Elliots are on the brink of bankruptcy. At 27, Anne is an unmarried lady who decides to reconnect with Frederick Wentworth. He is the man she was once forced to reject, but with whom she now wants to find love.

Za duzy na bajki (2022)

Direction: Kristoffer Rus | cast: Maciej Karas, Amelia Fijalkowska, Patryk Siemek, Dorota Kolak | Release date: July 18

A spoiled gamer wants to compete in a tournament, but an eccentric aunt and his mother’s illness force him to rethink his priorities.

Live is Life (2021)

Direction: Dani de la Torre | cast: Adrian Baena, Juan del Pozo, Raul del Pozo, David Rodríguez | Release date: July 18

Five friends nearing adulthood reunite for one last adventure: to hunt a magical flower that makes wishes come true.

Hotel Mumbai (2018)

Direction: Anthony Maras | cast: Amandeep Singh, Suhail Nayyar, Manoj Mehra, Dinesh Kumar | Release date: July 18

In 2008, a terrorist attack took place on the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in India for 68 hours. Hundreds of people were held hostage in the building by Islamic extremists. In the end, 164 people were killed and 308 were injured.

The Gray Man (2022)

Direction: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo | cast: Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, Jessica Henwick | Release date: July 22

In Europe, a CIA agent now working as a hit man tries to evade mysterious forces while trying to save the lives of the daughters he didn’t even know existed.

Purple Hearts (2022)

Direction: Elizabeth Allen | cast: Nicholas Galitzine, Anthony Ippolito, Sofia Carson, Linden Ashby | Release date: July 29

The astute Cassie works nights in an Austin, Texas bar making ends meet as she pursues her dream of becoming a singer and songwriter. Luke is a soldier in training about to be deployed. Struggling with medical bills after being diagnosed with diabetes, Cassie wants to marry an old acquaintance for better health insurance. When he refuses, Luke comes to her aid. He wants to marry her for his own desperate reasons. They will have to put their differences aside to make it look like a real marriage.

The Entitled (2011)

Direction: Aaron Woodley | cast: Laura Vandervoort, Ray Liotta, Victor Garber, Kevin Zegers | Release date: July 29

Paul Dynan’s life is turned upside down when he decides to kidnap three young people and hold them for ransom in order to save his own family. Things spiral out of control when his psychotic partners prove to be trigger-happy and the hostages have their own surprises in store for the kidnappers. When the blood is spilled and his perfect plan goes horribly wrong, Dynan must do everything he can to avoid his self-imposed trap.

Bittersweet Sixteen (2021)

Direction: Anna Verheyen, Jan Verheyen, Lien Willaert | cast: Yana Steenhout, Nell Cattrysse, Ninalotte Roose, Imea Denooze | Release date: July 31

Lotte is a teenager of 15 and looking forward to her 16th birthday. She has had a difficult year, a toxic relationship with Astrid, the prettiest girl in the class, damaged her self-image. On the home front, there is also a surprising twist: her parents split up. Hormones race through the adolescent bodies and days are colored by budding loves, the difficult but beautiful search for sexual identity, existential doubts that only adolescents can fill… All the big and small storylines will intersect and come to a climax at the party for Lotte her birthday. Her Bittersweet Sixteen…