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with videoMartijn Krabbé and his men are challenged every week in the ratings hit Buy without looking, but Monday evening the bar was set very high. Vera and Dyan were called on the mat in front of 1,138,000 viewers to change the wish list of their dream home and increased the budget twice.

Suzanne Borgdorff

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There is nothing better than moving out of that postage stamp house in East Amsterdam, the young couple thought. Their engines, the kitesurfing gear, that was really no longer possible on 37 square meters. Looking for a house in the Zaan region, with three bedrooms and a garden on the South. Don’t forget that it had to be a ‘playful, characteristic’ home, something that has become familiar to loyal viewers of the RTL4 program.

Top broker Alex van Keulen addressed the ladies somewhat sternly. He called the search “a shot with hail” and was concerned that realism was not a priority. ,,I didn’t like that,” muttered Vera, but Dyan concluded an ‘eyeopener’.


Alex was allowed on the road with a bag of money full of 375,000 euros. It soon became clear that he was not going to make it, or that the couple had to delete wishes. “Prices are rising so fast that people are being sidelined. You have no chance because of the wishes.” To actually open his eyes, he showed which houses he had missed. “This is a bit of a setback. You hope it’s there. Now we have to make concessions. We have to recover a bit,” said Dyan. Because six months had now passed, it was decided to waive the 1930s housing requirement and to increase the budget to 390,000 euros.

Vera and Dyan. © RTL

Another six months, fifty viewings and fifteen bids further. Even construction expert Bob Sikkes, who is normally the optimistic man on the show, called the assignment “impossible.” During another conversation, Vera felt the anger bubble up and her heart sank. Then just expand the search area and replenish the treasure chest to no less than 470K.

A year and a half later: there came the traditional pearl! In the place of their dreams, Castricum. Alex managed to buy it for 450,000 euros, leaving 20,000 euros for renovation king Bob. When Vera and Dyan finally walk through their building, they can’t believe Alex has succeeded. The word ‘super chic’ falls. They find it important that the kitchen is tackled; the bluish bathroom will come later. To prevent the living room from looking like a Greek restaurant, Bob removes the counter from the kitchen and straightens things out. To save money, family and friends are used as wrecking balls. Stylist Roos taps the ‘Hawaii chic with beach vibe’ box and draws in a blue kitchen with sea-blue tiles.

Vera and Dyan are happy.
Vera and Dyan are happy. © RTL


Vera doesn’t faint when she sees the extra room full of wardrobes. “This is so fat! We are so happy!” Dyan: ,,Tomorrow we’ll wonder which hotel we ended up in. We are lucky bastards

Because the Amsterdammers are not the only ones who are distraught by the overstrained housing market, Krabbé and his team continue with Buy without looking† The sixth and seventh seasons were announced yesterday.

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