The top 25 best performances of Pinkpop 2022

For three days we were able to enjoy sun, sense and thrilling shows. Pinkpop 2022 has flown by and we can look back on several musical highlights. We asked many Pinkpop visitors what those are. And that makes for a very nice list.

We asked various Pinkpop 2022 visitors to the festival site and via our social channels to put together a personal top-3 of the best acts they have seen. Tastes differ and that is certainly proven by the diversity in this list. Curious if your favorite acts are among them? Then scroll on quickly!

The Pinkpop 2022 Countdown

25. Lost Frequencies
24. Ziggy Marley
23. Parcels
22. Selah Sue
21. Kennyhoopla
20. Son Mieux
19. Eefje the Fisherman
18. Joost
17. Nothing but Thieves
16. Crowded House
15. Greta Van Fleet
14. Nightwish
13. Måneskin
12. Twenty One Pilots
11. Interpol

Photo credit: Buro Pinkpop (Flickr)

10. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Pinkpop’s hottest concert took place under the eyes of Frank Carter without a doubt. With an unparalleled amount of positive energy he knows how to get a steaming tent completely into his punk rock. This was exactly what the Saturday afternoon needed: an exploding act, made for festivals.

Photo credit: Bart Heemskerk / Pinkpop 2022

On #9 we find IDLES, who as one of the first bands on the newly played stage knows how to get the audience on board. The band knows how to captivate and whip up so much during this Friday performance that a little more sweat loss doesn’t seem to bother the spectators. Highlight: guitarist Mark Bowen’s crowdsurf.

Photo credit: Bart Heemskerk / Pinkpop 2022

Since 2013, Ben Thatcher and Mike Kerr have been making dirty rock a la The White Stripes and The Black Keys. The duo knows how to transform every festival meadow into a swirling, rocking crowd with their drums and bass guitar. The same goes for Megaland. A nice 8th place in the list of best performances of Pinkpop 2022.

best performances of pinkpop 2022
Photo credit: Bart Heemskerk / Pinkpop 2022

Turnstile has something to prove. Where Metallica, Pearl Jam and Deftones already have a reputation as a class live act, Turnstile is still working on it. They prove that she succeeds with a blistering performance on the second stage.

Singer Brendan Yates seems at first sight imperturbable behind his microphone with a view to infinity. That this will soon change is due to the heavy riffs that the band has. During songs like ‘BLACKOUT’ and ‘HOLIDAY’ the frontman reminds us of the heyday of Rage Against the Machine. One thing is certain: Turnstile has won a lot of souls in Limburg.

Photo credit: Buro Pinkpop (Flickr)

As we already stated in our review: in terms of Pinkpop headliners, Imagine Dragons loses musically (and thus also in popularity) the competition of Pearl Jam and Metallica. However, that does not mean that the band from Las Vegas cannot put on a good slot who. In fact, the band’s headline position – albeit somewhat unexpectedly – ​​certainly lives up to it. Because did you know how many hits Imagine Dragons has collected in recent years?!

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Photo credit: Buro Pinkpop (Flickr)

5. Nile Rodgers and Chic

Nile Rodgers & Chic knows how to transform an entire field into an open-air disco with beautiful rainbow lights and a set list consisting solely of hits. Impossible not to leave that show dancing with a big smile.

best performances of pinkpop 2022
Photo credit: Bart Heemskerk / Pinkpop 2022

With new songs, classics and a tight performance as we can expect from De Staat, the band knows how to completely captivate the Pinkpop audience. Torre and Rocco do their dance to ‘Pikachu’. The audience is even treated to an unreleased track called ‘Head On The Block’. Of course the performance will be closed with countless circle pits during Witch Doctooooooor

Photo credit: Buro Pinkpop (Flickr)

Metallica storms at Pinkpop 2022 just as hard as in 2014. The honor of closing a day in Landgraaf for the first time in three years goes to the thrash metal band from California. The fact that the audience hasn’t forgotten about headbanging after all this time is due to the still equally hard guitar riffs that fly around your ears. It is a great reunion between the audience in Limburg and the biggest metal act in the world.

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Photo credit: Buro Pinkpop (Flickr)

Pearl Jam and Pinkpop, some things are just made for each other. During their fourth visit to Landgraaf, the grunge veterans go back to the past. Starting with ‘Even Flow’, you just have to dare. Fortunately, the band has enough hits to hold the attention for two hours. ‘Jeremy’, ‘Corduroy’, the covers ‘Comfortably Numb’, ‘Street Fighting Man’ and the perfect closing track ‘Alive’.

And yet Eddie Vedder always manages to make a full-field show feel like an intimate performance. He silences 70,000 people with his ukulele during an ode to his recently deceased friend, an Amsterdam guitar dealer. It becomes touching when he addresses the audience in Dutch; intimidating when he then deploys a relentless ‘Why Go’. It’s those two sides that make Pearl Jam the perennial crowd favorite.

best performances of pinkpop 2022
Photo credit: Buro Pinkpop (Flickr)

Volbeat is the best act of Pinkpop 2022. That is not surprising, because this band is so versatile that it appeals to different target groups. The combination of rockabilly and heavy metal is exactly what the Sunday night needs. The first raindrops of the weekend don’t stop the public from headbanging or starting many moshpits.

In addition, Michael Poulsen is a passionate frontman, who knows exactly how to whip up an audience without appearing made up. The band meanwhile also has enough hits to shake the meadow violently. ‘Lola Montez’ early in the set to warm up the audience and during ‘For Evigt’ suddenly all of Landgraaf speaks fluent Danish. The ripping riff in ‘Still Counting’ closes the biggest party of the weekend in style. Danish Dynamite in full.

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