Maan moves with Father’s Day ode, De Staat and Nile Rodgers provide a party on the final day of Pinkpop | show

UpdateThat’s what makes a festival so much fun: one moment singer Maan moves the audience with an emotional tribute to her father on Father’s Day, a few hours later the audience goes crazy to the hypnotic beats of De Staat in the same place and a few hours later Megaland one big disco.

The State of course has a history at Pinkpop. The band of front man Torre Florim (36) made such an impression in 2016 that it returned the same edition, due to the cancellation of Ghost. Today the band returns with a strong performance that ends with a festival hit witch doctorbut that it would have been fine without that song.

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The band’s latest work is also catching on on the field. The last single Who’s gonna be the GOAT? and it hasn’t even been released yet Head on the block move the crowd effortlessly. Florim, smartly dressed and probably glad he wasn’t standing on the sweltering Saturday, plays his ear with gusto. It leads to an exciting show with enchanting music and fully justifies the promotion to the main stage in Landgraaf.

Hours earlier, another Dutch act impresses on the same stage. Maan (25) is having a party with guest Snelle Stay sleepingsings with colleague Bente full of surrender no is nobut impresses most with two emotional renditions.

It is very quiet on the field when they are sensitive She’s crying, but she’s smiling sings, with several spectators not keeping it dry. Just before that, Maan himself went for the axe. She just remembered that today is Father’s Day and is starting you are the love, where she immediately stops and puts her hand in front of her face. Overwhelmed by emotions, she pulls herself together, after which she pays tribute to her father, who is at the front among the visitors. A touching moment that ends with a hug from a father for his daughter.


The heat may have dissipated, but it is pleasant on Megaland. The sun is shining, it’s about 22 degrees and the site is less crowded than Friday and Saturday, when both days were sold out with 70,000 festival-goers. Today there are about thirteen thousand fewer. They are lucky enough to be at the Greatest Hits show by Nile Rodgers & Chic at the beginning of the evening.

The man who (co-) wrote and produced numerous hits, from David Bowie and Madonna to Diana Ross and Daft Punk, brings Pinkpop nothing less than a collective moment of happiness. It may rain lightly at the end of his show, the audience is euphoric after dancing to We are family, Let’s Dance, Like a Virgin and Get Lucky† And that is without being complete. His band manages to make the field jump as one person.

Nile Rodgers & Chic provide euphoria on the field
Nile Rodgers & Chic provide euphoria on the field © ANP


The first Pinkpop in three years can be called a success, despite the complaints on the opening day about the limited capacity of the free water points. The organization had remedied that shortcoming a day later, on the hottest day. ,,That was one of the hottest Pinkpop days ever”, says festival manager Niek Murray, who saw that the temperature almost reached 35 degrees. “Our first aid posts could handle the crowds, we had to deal with heat complaints much more than in other years.”

At the first festival without the leadership of Jan Smeets – the director was waved goodbye on Saturday evening – the organization had implemented several innovations. One of these, the positioning of the two largest stages opposite each other, was well received by the festival-goers. They only had to turn around so as not to miss anything from a subsequent performance. There was also more to choose from in culinary terms this year than before. Of the three days, two were sold out with 70,000 people. The headliners there were Metallica and Pearl Jam respectively. The final day (Imagine Dragons as headliner) was slightly less popular with just under 58,000 people.

The water points at Pinkpop are deserted around noon on Sunday.
The water points at Pinkpop are deserted around noon on Sunday. © AD

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