KzK: at the last minute a house for Dyan and Vera

After Dyan had finished traveling a lot and finally settled in Amsterdam, Vera soon moved in with her. However, the couple soon noticed that the walls were beginning to move towards them. They wanted to take the next step together: buying a house for the two of them. Their dream: a house with character in Castricum with a lovely south-facing garden.

To wish

At first, Dyan and Vera say their wish list is very fluid. By this they mean that the list is very large because they simply like a lot, but that things can suddenly fall off again. Martijn, Alex and Bob find that difficult, but as Vera says: “We just go for it!”

The ultimate main wishes are as follows: they want a quiet and spacious backyard, preferably on the south, and a characteristic, light house with at least three bedrooms.

Big adjustment

After six months of searching it is time for Alex to visit Dyan and Vera. He is unable to find a house that meets all the requirements within their budget. He takes the couple on a tour to show which houses he has had to forgo because of the tough demands they have.

The concession call came as a shock to the couple. They thought they had very realistic wishes, but they are very disappointed when that turns out not to be the case. They decide to give up the wish for a characteristic house from the 1930s.

Later, Dyan and Vera also come with good news. They can increase their budget from 375,000 to 390,000 euros.

A second concession call

After more than a year of searching, Alex has still not managed to find a home for Dyan and Vera, even with the increased budget. That is why he and Bob again talk to the couple to see what needs to change in order to be able to find their dream home. Dyan and Vera feel like they have to give up on everything, but are willing to pull out all the stops for their dream home.

Alex advises to reduce the wish for the living space of 90 m² to 70 m² and to put aside the wish for the south-facing garden. Because a garden on the north with an evening sun can also be very nice.

Alex and Bob know the ladies are having a hard time, but they do their utmost to find a suitable home that meets their needs. “We want to get the best possible house on the market and we really go for that, but give us a little more space,” says Alex.

The second conversation has stirred something up in the couple. They will make more concessions and increase the budget again. So far they’ve been careful with it, but now they’re going all in. The budget previously went from 375,000 to 390,000. Now they are increasing that to 470,000 euros. That is almost 100,000 more than what they initially had.


Because the budget has increased, Alex finds a gem in Castricum, the place where Dyan and Vera most wanted to live. The price of the house is quite on the higher end of the budget, but Alex is going for it! He makes an offer and… successful! Alex has finally found a beautiful home for Dyan and Vera for 450,000 euros. That means that Bob still has 20,000 euros left for the renovation.

Would the renovation work?

The answer to that question is, of course, yes. With the help of friends and family, the demolition work can begin. Bob is very happy with this bet, because this means he has to spend less money on demolishing the house and there is more left for the rest. He is going to renovate the kitchen and bathroom, but while retaining the basics. So keep connections in the same places as much as possible. That is cheaper and easier.

Furthermore, the walls in the house have been plastered, painted and painted and Bob has shifted the curve to the kitchen a little and had it made rectangular.

Atmosphere, style and vibe

When it has been renovated and demolished, it’s up to Roos to apply her styling magic again. When she looks at the mood boards, she immediately sees that Dyan and Vera like a quiet base, but both are also crazy about the sea and the beach. So Roos carries a Hawaii-chic-beach vibe throughout the house. The base of the house will be a sea blue and green color.

The renovated kitchen

In the kitchen, Roos chose to tile one wall completely with green-blue hand-moulded tiles. The wall at right angles to it remains neutral. The kitchen cabinets are also given a similar green-blue color with stainless steel handles.

For the contrast, Roos has opted for a dark walnut kitchen worktop with a silver stainless steel tap, sink, extractor hood and stove. In the corner she has opted for two high cabinets to provide sufficient storage space. Opposite the large counter top is a small coffee bar in the same colours.

The sitting and dining area

The seating area at the front of the house is nice and light due to the large windows. Here they have a lot of light, especially in the morning. The sofa that Roos has chosen is a deep element corner sofa with rib fabric. The separate elements ensure that you can always change the arrangement of the sofa. Roos has again opted for a blue-green color for the color. That green and blue are also reflected in the carpet in the sitting area.

The dining room is right next to the sitting area and is filled with a beautiful, dark, oval dining table with six matching chairs. These chairs have a vintage look and therefore fit perfectly in this interior.

Throughout the house there are various works of art and beautiful prints that Dyan and Vera have already collected over the years. By hanging it, Roos immediately gives the house a homely feeling.

A quiet and natural bathroom

Dyan and Vera’s wish was to have a quiet bathroom with a natural look. They also both love pattern tiles. That is why Roos has opted for a light and large tile on the wall in combination with a hexagon tile on the floor. The dark walnut wood of the kitchen is also reflected here in the bathroom furniture.

Bob had the bath removed from here and moved the toilet. Instead of the bath, he had a spacious shower cubicle built with a beautiful glass wall.

On the ground floor, the toilet has also been completely refurbished with the same hand-moulded tiles from the kitchen and the light, large tile from the bathroom. In this way the whole house forms one unit.

A functional attic

Even with a limited budget, the team succeeded in making the attic functional and beautiful. They have turned the large attic into a nice and quiet workplace. There is a large desk by the window with two chairs so that the couple can work together at the desk. The room has been pimped with a nice carpet and some nice cupboards.

Clothing room

The ladies even got their own dressing room. Along the walls are two long and high wardrobes and next to the door is a nice see-through window.


In the master bedroom there is a beautiful large bed and a small alcove with a summery palm tree wallpaper on the wall. The rest of the walls are – you guessed it – painted blue-green.

In the guest bedroom, Dyan and Vera’s old bed is the centerpiece of the room with a sea-themed duvet. The walls in this room have been kept quiet with a beige color.

“I want to fly around your neck”

From the moment Dyan and Vera walk into the living room, both hands go to mouth. “Wow!” Vera yells. And when they see the dining table, Dyan says, “We can finally eat at the table and have a drink and play games!” The house is even bigger than they expected.

The blue kitchen is very popular. While Dyan is mid-sentence, expressing her enthusiasm over the living room, she turns and only sees the kitchen. She interrupts herself with excitement and says: “This is fat! I think it’s really beautiful.”

The ladies walk further upstairs and immediately see the view through to the dressing room. They hadn’t seen it coming for a while. And the master bedroom does them both good. “I think we wake up here in the morning and think: What hotel did we end up in,” says Vera. The bathroom and the office also make the couple very happy. So all in all a good success.

When Dyan and Vera discuss the house with the team afterwards, they express how happy and grateful they are. “I actually want to fly you around the neck,” says Vera.

The highlights of the house are the bathroom, the bedrooms, the dressing room, the kitchen. In other words, basically everything. Before they saw the house they were a bit afraid that they would not feel at home there so quickly, but after seeing it they know for sure that it will be their home.


Sonja Velda

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