BV 24/7. Water fun with Natalia and Lesley-Ann Poppe enjoying the sun in striking bikini | showbiz

BVThe show must go on, because the Showbiz world never stands still. Discover what your favorite BVs have been up to in the last 24 hours here in our news stream.

Louis Talpe enjoyed a walk with his wife Tiffany. “We are walking together again for the first time in more than 700 days,” it sounds.

Mathieu Terryn van Bazart has had a great week.

Britt Van Marsenille It’s his birthday. “It’s true. A person gets happier with age,” she says.

Natalia and her family enjoyed a day of water fun.

Jan Kooijman is happy with his fresh haircut.

Thibaut Courtois enjoyed sunny moments with his fiancée Mishel. The two even managed to pet some dolphins.

Ellen Callebout clearly enjoys her stay in Saint-Tropez.

Stephanie Planckaert went to De Efteling with her family.

Laura Tesoro experienced some beautiful moments last month, which she captured with her analog camera.

Marijn Devalck was allowed to do ‘tournée general’ again.

Lesley-Ann Poppe enjoy the beautiful weather in Mykonos in bright green bikini bottoms.

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