18x tweets about fine dishwashers!

There are many handy household appliances, but we think the dishwasher is at the top of that list. Washing dishes is just a chore and the dishwasher makes life a lot easier and more beautiful. These tweets prove that all the more.

1. Time to hit the dishwasher.

2. What a luxury huh?

3. Clean up!

4. That turns out to be quite a job.

5. Of course he has to do it.

6. Well say.

7. Complicated too.

8. Always whine too..

9. First, who’s going to get him out?

10. That often feels like a chore.

11. Fadi’s mother has a solution for that.

12. Oh and keep your glasses on your head.

13. Very beautiful.

14. Oh no right?!?!?!

15. Just kidding.

16. Nice work.

17. And if you really love dishwashers, this is another option.

18. That’s right. Thank you dear.

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