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with videoFeared TV judge Simon Cowell, 62, apologized last night after making a young girl cry with his comments in Britain’s Got Talent† Cowell looked almost bored at the performance of Lamorna and her colleagues and even pressed his red button. He felt ‘terrible’ about it moments later.

The illusionists of Matricks Illusion, including little Lamorna in addition to the adults, received a standing ovation at their audition last month. Not only did they switch outfits at lightning speed, but also a lookalike from Cowell:

In last night’s semifinal, Simon didn’t even want to watch the performance. In less than three minutes, he pressed his so-called buzzer to express his disapproval, shortly after his lookalike was supposedly bulldozed by a machine.

After the performance he could barely start his commentary, so loud was the boos from the audience for him. The audience no doubt saw Lamorna start to cry on stage. ,,I pressed my buzzer because I didn’t think it was magical enough,” said Cowell, clearly agitated by the yelling. “There was a lot of chaos. We had a magician a few days ago who was much better. This was too little star power for me.”

Fellow jury member and Little Britainstar David Walliams immediately put Simon, who is not averse to an injection, on his number. “I think you have to pay for your lookalike to have plastic surgery, to keep it up to date,” he joked. The other judges also found the performance a bit disappointing, but they were a bit friendlier than Simon.

Simon Cowell pretended to be offended by David Walliams’ sneer. © ITV

Although you know what you’re getting into as a contestant with the talent show celebrity, he still felt that he should apologize. “I didn’t realize I really upset someone,” he said when he later reviewed another act. ,,I just said sorry to the girl called Lamorna. I feel really awful, I hate myself now. Then I just said that. I’ve undone my buzzer.”

The group ultimately did not get enough votes from the public and will therefore not be in the grand final tomorrow.

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