Review: My Chemical Romance Reunion Show Feels Like Last Breath (concert)

Eleven years ago, My Chemical Romance was last on Dutch soil. Fourth album Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys had just been released, an album on which the American band revealed the darkness of rock opera and success album The Black Parade left behind and seemed to celebrate life. Two years later the group fell apart, frontman Gerard Way and guitarist Frank Iero went solo (with varying degrees of success) and meanwhile the band grew. legacy of the emo band steadily. After endless teasers, the group reunited in 2019 and a global epidemic later, it’s finally Europe’s turn. My Chemical Romance is back!

Photography Paul Barendregt

A new song even appears just before the European tour: The Foundations of Decay, which kicks off the concert in a pleasantly busy, but just not sold out, Ahoy. It’s a false start, let’s face it. The slow build-up, the lack of a good chorus and the high notes don’t do this song any good tonight. It is immediately apparent that we should not expect a visual spectacle. Two screens on either side of the stage, a backdrop and that’s it

What is also immediately clear: My Chemical Romance has not necessarily become a better band. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all. That Gerard Way is not a great singer, he always compensated with enthusiasm and theater. My Chemical Romance used to be able to create a ‘we all against the world’ feeling like no other, Grandpa says. We are all outcasts but here you can be yourself. That feeling is missing tonight and that is because the gentlemen make a worn out impression.

How come you’re doing a reunion tour that’s just been two weeks away, and it looks like a band is playing here that’s been playing for a year? on the road is. ‘It’s been a long week for us too’, Way sighs after a few songs as a welcome word. You can see that dear Gerard. And you can hear it, because the sound is dramatic, especially during the first half hour. Guitarists Frank Iero and Ray Toro can’t be heard, while live drummer Jarrod Alexander sounds like he’s playing in a well. As a result, a hit like Give ‘Em Hell, Kid completely in the water and it also takes a while before we get another fan favorite if Helena recognise. It’s not the audience’s fault: the first rows sing along passionately. In fact, it is because of Ahoy’s enthusiasm that Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na) and Teenagers be enjoyable.

You’ll be just a young fan – and there are many of them tonight – who’s been looking forward to a My Chemical Romance concert for years. Do you feel a bit cheated? There is no momentum in the show, the pause between the songs is cringingly long, and the enthusiasm is not exactly splashing. And yet, when we walk out of the room afterwards, we hear one superlative after the other. Could it be that this generation simply hasn’t seen so many of these ‘big’ concerts yet and therefore has less material to compare with?

Because, and I say this with the utmost love for what My Chemical Romance has put down, it just isn’t too good tonight. And that’s not even due to the mediocre sound or the lack of a great show. No, it’s due to the perfunctory running of a set list by a band that makes no effort to connect with its fans. With a sigh, Way congratulates a fan on her birthday, he mumbles something about his sweetheart whom he misses so much and when a boa lands on stage he immediately says that it is really too hot to hang that thing around.

Is there nothing fun at all tonight? Yes, but – and I’ll say it again – it’s mainly because of the audience. Welcome To The Black Parade is sung along so loudly that the six on stage actually don’t have to do anything. For the old emokids comes as a surprise in the encore Skylines And Turnstiles from debut I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love over (nice for grandpa) and of course the tent is upside down with absolute hit I’m Not Okay† My Chemical Romance was fast becoming legendary, especially in the years when the band didn’t exist. Tonight it’s anything but legendary, as the last tones of sleep We have already forgotten this show, which we were secretly looking forward to.

Seen: June 2, 2022 in Ahoy, Rotterdam

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