Movie! Brits cheer on #MenToo hero Johnny Depp: “Johnny, Johnny, Johnny!”

Actor Johnny Depp immediately left for the United Kingdom after his lawsuit against his ex and devil child Amber Heard. He was going to tour there with rocker Jeff Beck. And that was a good thing. Because Depp is being madly greeted all over the UK by fans who have come to realize through lawsuits that it’s not him, but Heard was the abuser in their marriage.

The lawsuit between Depp and Heard has been decided in favor of the former. He was right on all three counts of libel and slander. The jury sentenced Heard to pay $15 million, although that was reduced to $10,350,000 due to legal regulations in Virginia, of course it’s still a hefty amount…especially when you consider that the failed fake actress Heard doesn’t have any money at all.

Now she is also awarded 2 million because Depp’s lawyer had said unkind things – of which 1 comment was incorrect according to the jury – but the jury’s verdict left no doubt: the men and women were convinced that Depp a) Heard never abused, b) that Heard lies about absolutely everything (you should have seen her testimony, it was horrible. Man cannot speak the truth, even if the truth is in her benefit is), and c) that Heard was precisely the aggressive monster in their marriage.

Touring in the United Kingdom

After the last day of the trial (but before the jury’s verdict), Depp left for the UK. His mattie, rocker Jeff Beck, had invited him to tour with him there: Depp plays guitar and also sings. In fact, the two recorded a new version of . several years ago isolation (John Lennon); a song that is now making a comeback on the charts.

If Depp was nervous about the kind of reception he’d receive in the UK, well, there was good news for him: the public’s reaction was incredibly positive

And here’s footage of fans chanting “Johnny, Johnny, Johnny” after the concert he and Beck gave at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow:

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These images are seen all over the UK: over and over, hundreds or even thousands of fans are ready to cheer on Depp. because everybody has been following the lawsuit between him and Heard closely… so everyone knows that ‘really happened. Heard was the abuser, not Depp. Heard lied about everything. Depp’s film career has been unjustly damaged by Heard… but in the end there was justice.

Very nice for Depp: Tom Hamilton, bassist of Aerosmith, also expressed his support for him last night:

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So, what a joy this will be for Depp. And Heard? I believe it is hidden somewhere in a bunker in the desert in America.

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