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with videoBritain’s Queen Elizabeth (96) has collected tens of thousands of likes on social media in recent hours thanks to a special video she recorded with Paddington bear. The Queen received the famous bear at Windsor Castle and after 70 years on the throne, finally revealed what’s inside her famous handbag. Photos of the heartwarming meeting are even on the front pages of English newspapers.

“Thank you for having me, I hope you have a wonderful anniversary,” said Paddington at the beginning of the video, which was shown last night at the start of the big concert that world stars gave for Elizabeth in London. Now he is still palace-worthy, but soon Paddington is his clumsy self. ,,Tea?” asks the queen economically, after which the bear, to her astonishment, puts the whole porcelain teapot to his mouth.

When he slips in front of the queen while pouring the last remaining drops, ends up with his paw in his food and hits the footman with the flying food, there is only one thing to do. “Maybe you want a marmalade sandwich?” he says, pulling a bun from his hat. I always have one with me for emergencies.

Queen Elizabeth and Paddington Bear. © BBC

What seems? The Queen too. “I keep mine here,” she says, conjuring a sandwich from her handbag. “For later.” Together with Paddington, she then starts tapping her precious cups with her teaspoon, exactly to the rhythm of We will rock you, the hit song by the band Queen. Together with singer Adam Lambert, the group opened the concert last night.

Adam Lambert and Brian May of Queen.
Adam Lambert and Brian May of Queen. © AFP

The video was a surprise to the audience; Elizabeth was unable to attend the show last night due to her fragile health. Viewers melted and enjoyed the video immensely, as witnessed by the tens of thousands of likes and reactions on Twitter. Some say the video even surpasses the Queen’s performance with James Bond at the 2012 London Olympics.

Daniel Craig as James Bond with the Queen.
Daniel Craig as James Bond with the Queen. © YouTube Olympics

“It is unbelievable that, at 96 and after 70 years on the throne, she still manages to surprise,” writes BBC journalist Michael Cowan. “I’ll probably be looking at this picture every day for the rest of my life,” comedian Tim Vine captioned a still of Elizabeth with her sandwich. Several major Sunday newspapers put a picture of the Queen and Paddington on the front page:

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The front page of the Daily Mail.
The front page of the Daily Mail. © Daily Mail


The newspapers write that the video was shot in Windsor Castle and that Elizabeth spent half a day with it. Buckingham Palace said in a press release that “the chance to have a famous bear for tea was too good to pass up.” The queen was happy to participate in the film. “She’s known for her sense of humor.”

Rosie Alison, who was involved in the project on behalf of Heyday Films, tells The Sunday Telegraph that the whole team was captivated by Elizabeth’s humor and warmth. “She put us all at ease. It was a privilege to be able to capture this special encounter.”

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