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Now that the TV program ‘Home made’ is over, presenter Dina Tersago has more free time. At the weekend we find her at home in work trousers, with a screwdriver in hand. “Recently I was wearing regular jeans and Thor said, ‘Mommy, you look so beautiful.’”

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“Doing odd jobs is really a hobby of my partner Wim and me. It connects us. You see things change, you are proud of what you do yourself and it is very satisfying. We are currently working on a pool house that we built from scratch almost every weekend. The kids meanwhile are splashing in the pool and I am cheering them loudly as I screw in a screw. Letting go of something gives me some stress. I am a huge perfectionist and have trouble letting go. That’s why I prefer to do things myself. I am quite enterprising about that.”


Sometimes I feel guilty that I can’t be with my kids enough.

Dina Tersago

“Recently I was wearing regular jeans and Thor said, ‘Mama, you look so beautiful’. (laughs) The boys are no longer used to me wearing normal clothes. I also have a lot of recordings on the weekend, so there is little regularity. Sometimes I feel guilty that I can’t be with them enough. Still, I really try to capture our moments. Having a picnic in the tree house, playing football in the garden or going to the playground: I think the boys know I’m there for them. It sometimes gnaws when I can’t take them to school and ask them to. But when I’m there, it’s with my full attention. I now try to put all my quality time into the kids. So I still have something to make up for with Wim. (laughs)

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“And once the job is done, it becomes bliss. There is nothing I like more than enjoying my own garden. We have a kangaroo house, so opening a bottle of cava with the in-laws while we light the barbecue and go for a swim: that’s wonderful. I am also a real homebody and appreciate the holiday feeling in my own home. Coming home and having the feeling that you are completely relaxed, putting the kids to bed after the chores, plop down outside with a drink and hear the birds chirping: it’s worth gold. Especially on the weekend.”

• presented ‘House made’, ‘Farmer seeks wife’ and ‘They say that’ on VTM
• is former Miss Belgium
• has two sons: Isak (7) and Thor (4)
• lives with her partner Wim Hubrechtsen

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