Adriaan Van den Hoof responds to accusations for the first time and threatens with a complaint against ex and Day All

About Van den Hoof, several newspapers recently reported that five women filed a complaint against him for harassment and physical violence. It concerned complaints with the prevention service of the VRT and with the police. He himself filed a complaint against one of those women, and she received a strict warning, they confirm to the public prosecutor.

Van den Hoof has remained silent ever since. Until now. In a statement handed down to this newspaper, he said the allegations had “disrupted and hurt him and those around him.”

He indicates that he is “not a role model or example when it comes to relationships”. “Yes, I have had several short-lived relationships and have been unfaithful at times,” he continues. “This is exclusively in the private sphere.” He goes on to say that “a lot of women approach him because they want more and he has a hard time resisting it. That’s my weakness.” He then emphasized that he did not intend to hurt anyone on purpose. “I would like to apologize to the women, to my family and friends, as well as to the friends I have offended by my behavior.” He is, he still writes, “aware of his shortcomings as a human being” and works on this.


But he also calls himself a victim. “In 2020, there was a woman who called me up to 300 times a day and kept sending hundreds of texts. When I blocked her, the harassment continued through public forums and through fake accounts containing messages she sent to personal contacts within my circle of friends. The prosecution recognized me as a victim of harassment and issued a stern warning to her. She has started again.”

Van den Hoof is considering legal action against this woman and against Hey everyone† He believes that this woman testified in the weekly newspaper last week. “This will not be without consequence for her, nor for the journalists who published her made-up stories.”

In Hey everyone the woman testified anonymously that Van den Hoof used physical violence in their relationship. “Then he started to flop and hit my head hard with his fist,” she says in the weekly. Dag Allmaal responds through deputy editor-in-chief Stefan Voet: “We have had conversations with several women who have filed complaints against Adriaan Van den Hoof, and we are in possession of the necessary evidence. We look forward to Adriaan’s complaint with confidence.”

confrontational moment

Van den Hoof does not elaborate on the actual content of the five complaints in the letter. He categorically denies in his statement that there was ever any question of physical violence. “The allegations against me of physical assault are false. That is not in my nature.” About the complaints of harassment and electronic nuisance, he states that he was never questioned about this and does not know what they relate to. At the public prosecutor’s office in Antwerp it can be heard that all complaints have now been investigated and dismissed. The prosecutor’s office does not provide the motivation for those dismissals.

It is also remarkable that he writes that his theater show will be broadcast on the VRT. It has not yet been determined when the show will be broadcast. “We are waiting to see how the case evolves,” says the VRT spokesperson. Van den Hoof also writes that the conversation about his replacement at switch “was a confrontational moment”. Not because he had to account for the complaints to the prevention service. “That was not the topic of conversation at the VRT about the switch at switch† Well because during that meeting he realized “time flies and fame is fleeting”.

At the public broadcaster they acknowledge that in the conversation with director Ricus Jansegers about the innovation at switch was not about the complaints of several women at the prevention service. Van den Hoof was previously approached by the public broadcaster about these reports.

This summer Van den Hoof will not give any performances. He closes the letter with: “I focus on the beautiful projects that are yet to come and on my relationship that now offers me peace.”

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