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The new program about balloon artists on RTL 4, according to presenter Martijn Krabbé the next ‘prestigious Friday evening show’ of the channel, started last night with 775,000 viewers. They saw, among others, participant Jeroen, who sees very little due to his visual handicap and ‘looks with his fingers’ for his creations.

“Say honestly what you thought when you were asked for a balloon program,” Krabbé said to co-presenter Chantal Janzen at the start of the broadcast. The tone: After their big hit shows, a show about balloon folding seems a bit silly. ,,I thought: these are the last convulsions of what was once a wonderful television career”, Martijn admitted with a laugh. “But then it turns out to be a prestigious Friday night show, about a fantasy world I didn’t know existed.”

In blow up seven balloon artists have a chance to win 25,000 euros by carrying out assignments that are judged by the internationally renowned balloon artist Guido Verhoef. That is undoubtedly complicated if you see completely well, but Jeroen van der Linden (47) sees five percent with one eye and two percent with the other. That makes his participation extra challenging, but he handles it lightly. ,,Sorry?” he joked when colleague Wallie de Groote said that balloon artists make with their hands ‘what their eyes see’.

In the first episode it immediately became apparent that the show is by no means stupid; the participants created an impressive underwater world.

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With 775,000 viewers, blow up in seventh place in the daily viewing figure top 25 of the KijkOnderzoek Foundation. The Nations League match between the Netherlands and Belgium (4-1) on NPO 3 attracted the most viewers of the day, more than 1.7 million.

Opposite blow up scored Bed & Breakfast on NPO 1 with 1.1 million viewers better. At SBS 6, Richard Groenendijk recorded the lowest score so far for his show Think inside the box, in which three celebrities have to guess which people and things are hidden in a huge cube. The program attracted 199,000 spectators last night.

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