New series At least shelf-life: ‘I’m a fan’

The first episode of the new series Expires until was seen by over 1 million viewers last night. This makes the comic drama series on NPO 1 the second most watched program of the day, according to the viewing figures of Stichting Kijkonderzoek. Viewers are fans of the new series: “No, not already finished…”

In Best before, from broadcaster AVROTROS, you see Anna (played by Ricky Koole) and Paul (Ruben van der Meer), a couple who are not so happily married. Just as Anna has decided to leave being a housewife behind and relaunch her acting career, the transition is underway. And that brings with it the necessary difficulties: will the two grow old together?

Good reception

The new comedy series is well received by viewers. There was plenty of laughter and secret giggles about the recognizability. Yet not everyone is pleased with the drama series: “I’m going over my neck under my breath,” says a viewer who is not impressed.

“Are we growing old together?”

That is exactly the question that Anna and Paul struggle with now that the children are almost out of the house and the focus is suddenly on their relationship. However, both appear to have different goals. Paul throws himself into his promotion in equine nutritional supplements. Anna wants to rediscover herself, a task that is negatively affected when the transition comes into play.

Expires to shows the minor annoyances in Anna and Paul’s relationship effortlessly. This is immediately noticeable when Anna is busy making coffee in the kitchen. “I have a surprise for you,” says Paul. “Oh, me too for you. You first”, Anna responds. Then Paul makes a comment about Anna’s coffee skills: “Why don’t you just use the electric milk frother?” And a short discussion ensued. But above all, Anna wants to know what Paul’s surprise is. “I have arranged a job application for you!” The high word is out, although it is not really appreciated by Anna. She would rather pick up her acting work again.

Unsuccessful application

Anna goes to the job application that Paul has initiated. But it is not a real success: Anna says that she became a mother after a major acting role. “Also a nice role”, laughs the HR manager of the company. “And now back to work? Want to smell ‘normal’ life again?” The two will practice a telephone role-playing game to test Anna’s skills as a receptionist. “Phone. It’s not that difficult, is it?” says the HR manager. But because the manager often has ‘the boss’ wives’ in front of him as applicants, he decides not to work with Anna. “Give Paul my regards.”

And that sets the tone Best before† Whether the efforts between Anna and Paul can also spark love and bring them closer together remains to be seen.

Want to see the episode of Best Before Yesterday? That’s possible here.

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