How did the Geurts and Mensing families experience their Even Away trip together? – I leave

In the broadcast of Saturday, June 4, 2022, we see how the Geurts family from Spain will gain inspiration from the Mensing family in Italy and vice versa. Both couples are eager to learn from each other how to combine a home business with family life. How did the couples experience it and what tips do they take with them?

Update Feikje, Dirk, Siem, Jep and Boaz Geurts Villa Atalanta

We enjoyed our trip to Rosalie and Jean-Paul in Italy. If you are happy to be there for guests day and night, it is wonderful to get away from it all and not have to think about anything. To be pampered yourself. And to see how your colleagues are doing, both professionally and privately. And the combination thereof.

Our experience

Rosalie and Jean-Paul have put in a great performance. They built a beautiful holiday resort in a fantastic place. For us it was great to see how many facilities they have created for children and how our children had a good time at their complex. The recordings of our Ik Vertrek Even Weg episode were also a good opportunity for us to look back through the camera on the past five years, the time we lived in Spain.

For us the conclusion is that we are very happy with our life here. And very happy with and proud of what we have achieved in that time. We are all healthy and have three sweet children. We have completely found our way here. Jep and Siem are doing well at school and have friends. And Boaz enjoys going to the crèche in the village and has a wonderfully sweet teacher. The children speak fluent Spanish and we are waiting for Boaz to speak his first words. And of course we wonder whether this will be in Spanish or Dutch. We have built a paradise here where we can receive fine guests.

We started in 2017 with the main building, with three apartments, of which we live in one. After that we built three more detached houses and the bar. It gives us a lot of energy every time we have guests who have a good time here. People decide to spend one of their most important weeks of the year, the holidays, with you. That’s quite an honor. And then there is no greater compliment imaginable than that they enjoy.

Work-life balance

Of course it’s not all roses and moonshine. Owning your own business means working very hard. Especially in combination with a family with three young children. This leaves little time for yourself. Sometimes we have to look for a good work-life balance. But there is so much beauty in return: few people will see their children grow up so close. Jep, Siem and Boaz always have their mom and dad nearby. In addition, with the children of the guests, there are always friends nearby to play with. Add to that the garden, the swimming pool and the beautiful weather. What else do you want?


We have even more plans and ambitions. We recently bought our neighbor’s house. We are currently having it converted into a new holiday home. We hope to welcome the first guests there in July. In addition, we are investigating whether we can eventually develop a new holiday complex in a different location in Andalusia. A different region, different people, different customs… But for the time being we are well on our mountain and we enjoy Spanish life here to the fullest.

Update Rosalie, Jean Paul, Dylan and Isabella Casa & Glamping Sorriso

And so we are 2 years later after “I am leaving”. We were completely happy with the family from Spain that we are paired with. There was an immediate click and naturally the conversations started and the children could play. There were many interfaces with problems and with beautiful experiences. It’s funny meeting a family that has so many similarities!

Our experience

After a visit to our site in Italy, it soon became cozy and informal with a glass of wine. Many conversations about bureaucracy and organization alternated with conversations about nice guests and activities. Soon there were also conversations about organization and how nice is it when you have a sounding board for your ideas or doubts! As a result, we immediately adjusted our dinner evenings, for example.

We also ended up in a warm bath in Spain. In the meantime, a lot of contact has remained and therefore the reception was more than warm! Immediately all kinds of conversations of various kinds arose. With a controlled sob we said goodbye after a few wonderful days in Spain and in all the elapsed time the contact has remained! It was even looked into whether it was possible to watch the broadcast together halfway through. Unfortunately, not possible due to crowds, but outside Ik Departure, we as families will certainly visit each other again.

Our life in Italy

The kids are used to it here. Dylan is fluent in Italian and regularly goes into the village to play with friends. We hear praise for him every 10-minute conversation at school. Very proud parents here! Isabella does her own thing and messes around in kindergarten. You really notice that she really enjoys all those children with us this season. As a creative and executive couple we are very happy that we can do this, but just like everyone else, we want to stick each other behind the wallpaper every now and then!

Casa Sorriso is developing and we are looking forward to the future with a big smile! The tents are back in full glory with a beautiful view, the plans have been made, now let the season begin!

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