Daily Horoscope June 4 – Put away what you don’t want to lose, Leo! † Horoscopes


Your social and love life promises to be enjoyable this year. There doesn’t seem to be any trouble in that respect; your love planet has positioned itself at the top of your horoscope. Your social circle will expand; singles can find their partner and get married.


With your love planet prominent in your chart, you will be attracted to people of prestige and power. Power is a strong aphrodisiac today, but that is not enough. There must also be a spiritual click.


If you are still alone, this year you can meet someone with whom you click immediately, who complements you creatively and in an idealistic way. Your ideal partner is someone with a good position, and who is preferably also interested in music and/or charity. Search and you will find.


You will enjoy spiritual activities. Seek the company of people who challenge you mentally. Games of chance are fun as long as you don’t necessarily want to win. Blessing rests on creativity; especially on writing and design.


You can be verbally attacked when you don’t expect it. If you put that on it will keep running through your head all day long. Ask a loved one to replace you at a formal get-together that you don’t feel like.


A tense atmosphere can easily degenerate into an argument. Turn on some calming music that will calm you down. If you have arranged with friends, your mood will improve. Expand your horizons; the world is bigger than one’s own small circle.


Courage and self-confidence allow you to start a much-loved project that can make you financially independent. Keep in mind the wishes of others. Don’t defend an opinion at all costs and don’t argue.


You may suddenly become aware of deceptive behavior. Store what you don’t want to lose. A conversation about what belongs to whom can get the adrenaline pumping. Find companionship this weekend that you can laugh with.


Your expertise may be called upon unexpectedly. Beware of legal pitfalls and prevent domestic agreements from driving a wedge between your partner and you. Say what you think without being aggressive.


Interesting people may reach out to you if you’re open to a new experience. Your intelligence and sense of humor attracts others. Encourage loved ones to perform optimally. Your influence increases.


Make an appointment with a doctor if you are concerned about your health. Symptoms can be misleading. You can meet people this weekend who will give you a different view of your situation. Listen and take advantage.


A person does not always know what to expect. Live in the present and don’t regret anything. Enter a different social circuit and get to know new people of the same level as you are dissatisfied or depressed.


You cause chaos or accident if you follow an impulse or do something just like that. Follow the path you know to get where you want to be. Watch out in traffic; there are always people who think that rules are not for them.


You may be faced with a difficult decision. Exchange information with partners and clean up what leads to dissatisfaction. A brisk workout or bike ride is ideal to shake off the stress of the week.


For all kinds of reasons, you can forget the time and therefore arrive late for an appointment. A housemate can become a stumbling block; you are stubborn yourself and so is the other. Don’t let it come to a confrontation; relax.

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