5 tasty films and series that appeared on Netflix in week 22

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It’s already June and Netflix is ​​not standing still this month either. The popular streaming service adds some cool movies and series to the list. Like every week, we highlight five for you.

Film buffs in particular will get their money’s worth this week with three special films.

5 new movies and series on Netflix in week 22

This week there isn’t a mega budget movie or series at the top of the list, but a cool independent film with an original story. One of the lead roles is played by Shia LaBeouf, who had a brief revival in 2019. In the years before, he was mainly in the news because of arrests for violent crimes, disorder and public intoxication. Well, the life of a movie star is not always a bed of roses.

1. The Peanut Butter Falcon (2019) (Movie)

A heartwarming independent film about a boy (Zak) with Down syndrome who has only one dream: to become a professional wrestler. When Zak runs away from home, he meets Tyler (played by Shia Labeouf); a fisherman on the run. The two soon form a close friendship and slowly but surely, Zak discovers his wrestler alter ego: The Peanut Butter Falcon. This indie film was very well received by critics and was the most successful film of the genre in 2019. Shortly after, the entire film industry collapsed due to COVID-19.

2. The Rainmaker (1997) (Movie)

The list of movies and series is not complete without a classic movie starring none other than Matt Damon. Twenty-five years ago Matt Damon was still a little boy, but one with a lot of acting talent. In 1997 he finally broke through with leading roles in successive The Rainmaker and Good Will Hunting† In The Rainmaker Matt plays a young lawyer who is still wet behind the ears. He goes into battle with a fraudulent insurance company. A wonderful thriller in which we see a young Matt Damon shine.

3. Trapped S02 (Series)

In the list of films and series this week only 1 series. One of excellent quality, produced in the far north. Scandinavian crime series, we love them in the Netherlands. In season 2 of trapped Andri Ólafsson has since moved up to become an inspector at a police unit in Reykjavik. Andri starts to sweat a lot when a man decides to set himself and the industry minister on fire. The investigation takes him back to his former environment where his old partner Hinrika now leads the local police force.

4. Kleine Bheem: I Love Taj Mahal (Children’s Movie)

There is also something fun for the little ones between the new films and series on Netflix in week 22. A brand new adventure from Kleine Bheem. This time, the Thunderstone travels all the way to the iconic Tai Mahal in India for a grand adventure. His mission: to return a teddy bear to a girl, before the cuddly toy is stolen.

5. Gold (2016) (Movie)

gold miners. We can’t get enough of it and are being bombarded with reality TV shows about lazy people trying their luck. In reality, a bunch of narcissistic country bumpkins who really squeeze their employees. No, let’s do the real work. Large gold nuggets that allow you to retire in one fell swoop. In the movie gold (2016) we see the ever charismatic Matthew McConaughey who takes on the role of Kenny Wells. A man with a gold rush desperately looking for a lucky break. He leaves with his crew for Indonesia to realize his dream deep in the jungle.

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5 tasty films and series that appeared on Netflix in week 22


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