Top 40: Emergency lane is the biggest Dutch-language hit of 2022 so far | Top 40 news

This is the overview of the most important shifts in the Top 40 of June 4. In the list we see 2 entrants, 9 stayers, 14 failers and 15 risers. Listen to the Top 40 Weekly Overview podcast here.

38 (–) POTION- Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa & Young Thug

Calvin Harris is working on a new album: Funk Wav Bounces Volume 2† This is a sequel to the album that the Brit released five years ago. That album lacked a collaboration with Dua Lipa, but that followed in 2018 with One Kiss† That track set an unparalleled record with 16 weeks at number 1. Still standing One Kiss among the 30 greatest hits to ever hit the Top 40.

on potion Calvin and Dua also enlisted the help of Young Thug. The trio is new this week at number 38.

18 (14) TONIGHT (FROM MY BOL)- Kris Kross Amsterdam, Donnie and Tino Martin

2022 could be a very good year for Kris Kross Amsterdam. Of Emergency lane they have, so far, the biggest Dutch-language hit of the year and also Tonight (Out of My Bulb) is already in the top 10 of this year. The Top 40 now has more than 1500 Dutch acts and Kris Kross Amsterdam has now become the 25th in that row to have been in the Top 40 for 200 weeks. Tonight (Out of My Bulb) shuffles slowly down and comes this week, with 4 places loss, at number 18.

7 ( 3) THE DEPTH- S10

After two weeks in the list, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest of 2022, Kalush Orchestra, has fallen outside the Top 40 this week. Sam Ryder, the number two in the Eurovision Song Contest, climbs two places to number 27. Dutch pride, S10, sees The depth this week 4 places drop to number 7. Yet her success is now in a nice different list, because The depth is now one of the three biggest Eurovision Song Contest hits ever on the Top 40. Points are awarded to the hits every week; one point for number 40 and so up to 40 points for number 1. Only Euphoria from Loreen and arcade of Duncan Laurence managed to score more points in the list.

1 (1) AS IT WAS- Harry Styles

Ferrari by James Hype and Miggy Dela Rosa climbs two places to number 3. Bam Bam by Camila Cabello and Ed Sheeran is one spot higher and is at number 2 for the fourth time.

Harry Styles has met Late Night Talking this week the highest new at number 20 and also the biggest hit in our country. As It Was is in first place of the Top 40 for the seventh week.

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