Soundos El Ahmadi says she will lose film role due to pregnancy: ‘Should I have shut my mouth?’ † show

UpdateSoundos El Ahmadi says she lost a film role after she informed the production house involved that she was pregnant. The 40-year-old comedian and actress writes this in a furious message on Instagram today. According to the producers of the youth film in question, Lioness, the shooting period takes place when El Ahmadi is heavily pregnant. ‘The physically demanding role as a youth football coach would then be risky for herself, her baby and for the film production.’

El Ahmadi has long doubted whether she should share the rejection with the outside world. “But I don’t want to sit alone and lonely with my grief. I also want to warn actresses in this industry that if they’re making life, they shouldn’t tell them. Because then their life as an actress is over,” she writes.

The actress does not say which film it is about, but does say that she would take on the role of a football coach for young girls. She didn’t hesitate for a moment when she was asked. ‘Really something for me. The film is about friendship and empowerment. Honestly told the production company that I’m pregnant. Now they don’t want me anymore.’ Painful, El Ahmadi thinks.

‘When men tell them they are going to be a father, they are congratulated and if we tell them that we are going to be a mother, we are punished’, she shares her feeling. “And then you wonder why women like me are hesitant to share or even hide such positive news,” says El Ehmadi, who goes on to name the production house The Media Brothers.


El Ahmadi states that after the baby news, the production house came up with ‘bullshit’ arguments not to assign the role to her. They wouldn’t be right at all. ‘They even came up with bullshit that I’m not known to girls between the ages of 8 and 12. say what? It is precisely those girls who start to scream and tremble when they see me because they are such a fan of Meskina (a modern comedy she plays in, ed.).’

The rejection completes the ‘discrimination quartet’ for El Ehmadi, she explains. “And that dubious honor rests with mud-fed The Media Brothers. Congratulations fifteen men and three women from this progressive company. You broke my heart during a phase in my life that was supposed to be beautiful and positive.’ She closes with the message: ‘Fuck this system. Time for a change in this film world!’


Production house The Media Brothers says it regrets the reporting around the actress and states that there is miscommunication. “In various media, the wrong impression is given that Soundos would have been given a role in our youth film Lioness, a co-production between Levitate Film and The Media Brothers. It is true that Soundos has been surveyed for the role of a youth trainer. Along with several other actresses. But these castings have yet to take place at all. For now, for artistic reasons, we have preferred to invite other actresses to audition for this role first and foremost,” the film’s producers said in a press release.

,,In addition, the shooting period may take place when Soundos is heavily pregnant. The physically demanding role (described in our script) as a youth football coach would then be risky for herself, her baby and for the film production. In doing so, we also follow the health and safety advice of the central government in the field of physical strain and pregnancy. We will contact Soundos as soon as possible to rectify this miscommunication. We are very sorry that she feels hurt at a time when happiness should prevail.”

Ron Toekook of the professional association for film and television makers (NBF) says he is unfamiliar with the phenomenon that actresses lose a role because of a pregnancy. “We never hear that complaint. There are rules for this, but there was no contract with the actress yet. It is always wise to conclude an agreement quickly first. If there is and there is a pregnancy, you do have a leg to stand on.”

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