Shocking confession in Race for the Rings: ‘Not happy with sex life’

In the second episode of ‘Race for the Rings’, six engaged couples have a new assignment to complete. And if the couples think they can pull it off with a little bit of running and puzzling, they’re wrong. The game is already getting a personal touch. And that’s not fun for everyone.

The couples have to get from A to B in Jordan. Along the way, they have one more task to complete. In an amphitheater are all pictures of eyes, corners of the mouth and nostrils. The men have to take the correct six parts of their women and put them together into a portrait. Unfortunately, this does not go completely smoothly. Thomas even grabs a photo of a brown eye, while his Susan doesn’t have brown eyes. “Then I thought you were a bit stupid,” she tells him.

When Thomas and Susan arrive at the next part of the assignment, she is in for a nasty surprise. There are four sandbags with racks on them. One of the statements is not true and in the accompanying bag is a key to finish the assignment. The statements ‘We are very satisfied with our sex life’ and ‘Thomas is jealous when Susan flirts with other men’ both create a thorny point.

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Susan is convinced that Thomas isn’t jealous when she flirts with other men. Thomas, on the other hand, looks on in despair. He knows full well that the statement ‘We are very satisfied with our sex life’ is wrong and that that is the bag they should open. Devastated, he watches as his sweetheart searches the wrong pocket for the key. Thomas does not want to lose the assignment and above all does not want to be a weakling, so he has to make a confession. “This is not the right bag.”

Susan feels – possibly for the first time in a long time – well screwed. “Then you are more dissatisfied with our sex life than I am. I’m sure of that,” she complains. “And then it’s mainly about the frequency of it.” Susan is also not the most difficult and together they decide: “It can always be better.” You can see the relevant fragment below.

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Those who are good at sewing are Bilal and Sanne. They have made a pact with Bart and Lauren to both bet a gold coin during the voting round on – there they are again – Thomas and Susan. But during the voting round, which the couples do separately from the group, Bilal and Sanne change their mind. “Even though I sew a couple, I want to vote for Bart and Lauren. They are just too good,” Bilal tells presenter Beau van Erven Dorens.

Bart and Lauren, who have kept the agreement neatly and have used a golden vote, come after the voting round behind this action by Bilal and Sanne. “Well, they can’t be trusted,” Bart says when he and his fiancé walk away from the group. “That’s the game, I know, but with that they set the tone.” Bilal and Sanne are feeling the mood now. “We really have to shoot, because Bart and Sanne are now targeting us.”

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Bart and Sanne are rescued by Rick and Leonie. They have cast their casting vote on Thomas and Susan. As a result, Thomas and Susan have to play the rings game against Bjorn and Patricia. But that won’t happen until next week. You see Race for the Rings every Thursday at 8.30 p.m. on RTL 4 or at Videoland.

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