‘He is going to divorce Shakira’

Friday, June 3, 2022 at 08:32• Last update: 08:59

Spain is under the spell of an imminent divorce between Gerard Pique and Shakira. The Barcelona defender is said to be having an affair with another lady, which would have resulted in him currently living on his own in an apartment in Barcelona. The revelation was brought out via Laura Fa in her podcast Mamarazzis Bee El Periodico† According to the journalist, Pique and Shakira are about to divorce each other.

Fa reveals in her podcast that Piqué is said to have moved to an apartment on Carrer de Muntaner, a well-known street in Barcelona. She bases her story on what some residents of the area testify and takes advantage of the fact that a real relationship crisis is going on between the defender and Shakira. “The singer caught him with someone else and they split up,” Fa said. Presumably, the Colombian singer has decided to end the twelve-year relationship. “It happened. That’s why they have distanced themselves now.”

Shakira recently left for Ibiza for a short vacation. She left Piqué at home, but took their two children with her. That could mean that the relationship is past its prime, Fa says. In addition, the Colombian would struggle with a case against her. Shakira is suspected of not having paid about 14.5 million euros to the Spanish tax authorities. The singer was told last week that there is sufficient ground for a lawsuit. In total, the singer has six charges against him. Shakira has lived in Spain since 2011, according to the tax authorities, but says she only moved in 2015. The tax authorities have wanted it to pay for the first four years for years.

According to Emilio Pérez de Rozas, who wrote in the magazine Cuore opened up about Piqué’s affair, it concerns a young blond lady in her twenties who studies and works as a guest lady at events. The Spanish international is said to have been frequently seen in the nightlife in recent weeks at, among other things, the nightclubs Bling Bling and Patron. “He has been seen in the company of other women,” Fa emphasizes again. Pique would have been accompanied by teammate Riqui Puig. It is not known whether Shakira and Puig’s girlfriend also attended those occasions.

The bomb that Fa released has aroused all sorts of suspicion. Especially now that Shakira’s latest song, in collaboration with Rauw Alejandro, seems to be devoted to the crisis she is going through with the footballer. If the divorce is actually confirmed, it means an end to a relationship that has lasted twelve years. Piqué and Shakira have two children, Milan and Sasa. The two never married. “I like the way we’re together now, the way we work as a partner. And no, we’re not getting married. I don’t feel the need to get married,” he recently said in conversation with Gary Neville.

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