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Our mental health has never been this bad. Experience expert Eva Breda, also journalist for Dragonfly, examines in her columns how this can be improved. This week: energy management.

Time management: I am thrown to the bone with tips to organize my day as effectively as possible. We are all familiar with the stone metaphor. If your day were a goblet that needed filling, you would throw the stones in there first: the big tasks with priority. Then you throw in a bucket of pebbles – smaller ones to-do’s – over to fill in the gaps. Finally, you fill the voids with sand: you understand.

I try to fill my jar every day, but sometimes it feels like I don’t have pebbles and sand in my life, just big, heavy boulders that I feel are all equally important. With my last bit of energy I sometimes try to lift those huge stones into my jar, but although I am increasingly successful in mosaicing my tight daily schedule, the strength to lift is often exhausted. Where I sometimes think that my effectiveness depends on my time management, energy management turns out to be the key to more efficiency.

The fuller the agenda, the more tired we are

Dorien Seegers, psychologist specialized in energy and balance, sees more people making the mistake I make. “People neglect their energy by giving a lot away, doing everything at a fast pace and finding a lot of things important in one day,” she explains. As a result, we never rest enough between and after a task to start the next one fully charged. “We often miss breaks, we spend cleverly by multitasking, or we spend scrolling on social media.” I know those “breaks” all too well. They are like an empty charging cord stuck in the wall socket. Nothing charges, but it continues to guzzle energy.


Grab a piece of paper and make a list of the things that make your life meaningful and give you energy

Dorien Seegers

In addition: the fuller the agenda, the more tired we are. As a result, we work less productively, so that tasks cost us more time, the day feels even busier and there is even less time left for breaks. “And the less we enjoy life,” says Seegers. ,,In my practice I speak to people who are looking for more energy and want less of the feeling that they are being lived. These people are so tired that they enjoy their work and life less. You could say that being efficient and living a busy, beautiful life only go together if you also know how to manage your energy.”

The solution is simple

Goodbye time management, it’s time for a lesson in energy management. But how do you do that, make sure your battery stays full enough to keep up that rambling rat race? Seegers: ,,Get a piece of paper and make a list of the things that make your life meaningful and give you energy. Write down how much time you spend on those things every day. Then do the same for the things that cost energy.”

For me on paper is a hard reality check. I spend about seven hours a day more on energy guzzlers than energy givers. I realize how simple the solution is. I have to make more time for energy givers, so that I have enough energy to carry out all the energy guzzlers on my piece of paper. With renewed energy, maybe even in less time. I’m going to try that. But first: pause.

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