Daily Horoscope June 3 – Pay more attention to your intimate relationship, Sagittarius! † Horoscopes


Through your successful partner and/or friends you can meet influential people in the social circuit who can help you further in your career. This year it is very important to visit the right meetings and also to organize meetings and parties yourself.


Your analytical eye sees razor sharp and, if focused on practical matters, ensures good results. It doesn’t seem like a good day for human interaction. Postpone an important conversation for a while; people don’t take you seriously enough now.


Your desire for affection can lead you to invest in yourself. Provide a healthy diet and adequate sleep. If aging is a concern, cosmetic surgery may help. Give your love life a boost.


A dream can haunt you and can be symbolic of what awaits you. A quick breakfast and rushing out the door can result in an upset stomach or an untidyly locked house. Don’t embark on a venture now.


A productive day. If you help others they will help you. While colleagues are talking about problems, you suddenly know the answer to a personal dilemma. An older person’s magnetism can usher in a pleasurable relationship.


You may be so eager to please someone that you overlook the consequences for yourself. Your inner motivations become clear in an honest conversation with a confidant. Business opportunities are increasing.


At work, a power struggle can arise between competing parties. Working methods and working conditions can be attacked. The introduction of new technology is likely to result in layoffs.


You will be able to take advantage of something that comes to your partner. It will do you good to be able to do something fun together. The success with your work may qualify you for a new challenge.


A tricky situation can force you to put your best foot forward and use a talent you didn’t know you had. Nothing is as it seems today and what surprises you this morning can lead to something beautiful this afternoon.


Even if you think you need a raise – now is not the time to ask. Pay more attention to your intimate relationship. Keep your partner informed of your plans and avoid arguing.


Teachers and students can be busy. Put the necessary time into your work. A well-planned trip is stress-free if you don’t make it longer than necessary. Strengthen your network during official obligations.


Get your affairs in order and do everything necessary before the weekend starts. A project with which you hope to score can get off to a good start. A chance encounter yields information. You may have to go on a short trip.


When you’re back in the saddle, it’s going to be somehow different than before. You have more faith in others. Pleasure and insight come to you without you having to make any effort. Also make some self-mockery your own.

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