Concerts Meeuwis and Van Buuren can be followed online: is there a future in the livestream? † NOW

Live streams were pretty much the only way for artists to perform for their fans for almost two years. Now that all events with the public are allowed again, the need for live streams no longer seemed so high. Nevertheless, Videoland and platform HYMN see a future in it: they are coming with a live stream of a concert by Guus Meeuwis and with an online concert film by Armin van Buuren.

Everyone was forced to sit at home, but the need for cultural events remained. The solution: you could attend concerts from your own couch. Davina Michelle performed in an empty Ahoy, world stars such as Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish and Kylie Minogue gave full online concerts and halls such as the Concertgebouw also came up with an online program.

Guus Meeuwis started the band The Streamers with many well-known Dutch artists. With them he gave concerts at special locations where no live audience was present, but a large audience could watch from home. Now that the corona measures are over, The Streamers will perform in front of a live audience for the first time.

More than a live concert

It may have been expected that the streaming initiatives would be buried as soon as the concert halls filled up again, but that is not the case for the platform HYMN, which was set up in corona time. They made a show with Davina Michelle in times of lockdowns and will present the concert film on June 30th Armin van Buuren: This Is Me

Thomas de Vrij of HYMN emphasizes that a concert film provides a completely different experience than a physical event. “They will never replace each other. But with a concert film you get more opportunity for depth and telling a story than with a live concert alone.” The project by HYMN and Van Buuren (tickets at 11 euros) is a mix of a concert registration of his performances in the Ziggo Dome in the coming days and documentary-like parts in which Van Buuren and his family have their say.

De Vrij explains that the idea of ​​HYMN arose due to the limitations of the corona crisis, but that it has not become redundant now. “The pandemic has made us realize how we can take the experience to another level and a new format has emerged from that. We have been given the space and time to develop that. With Davina we did that in the middle of corona time without an audience and now let it go.” we see what it adds with a production from a sold-out Ziggo Dome.”

He also thinks it is a practical solution for fans of Van Buuren all over the world, who cannot all travel to Amsterdam, but can still watch the one-off concert series in the Ziggo Dome.

De Vrij says that applications from international artists are pouring in. “I think that in times of corona many artists have started to think about what they stand for. They are looking for a medium that goes beyond just a physical show, with which they can tell their story and get their message across.”

HYMN is making a concert film of the performances by Armin van Buuren in the Ziggo Dome that started on Thursday evening.

HYMN is making a concert film of the performances by Armin van Buuren in the Ziggo Dome that started on Thursday evening.

HYMN is making a concert film of the performances by Armin van Buuren in the Ziggo Dome that started on Thursday evening.

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With the family or group of friends in front of the tube

Videoland also sees a market in offering concerts where you could have attended live. On June 11th they will release the full Big With a Soft Gconcert by Guus Meeuwis in the Philips Stadium live. The concert will not be replayed, but can only be seen live at that moment.

Videoland states that watching concerts live on television has always been there, including before the corona pandemic. “Due to corona, that was temporarily the only option. We would now like to continue to offer this option to our subscribers,” said a spokesperson for Videoland. “We believe that a live concert or event at home or wherever you want to watch is always a beautiful experience.”

The audience they have in mind is not just the person who was unable to obtain a ticket for the concert or who could not attend live for some other reason. They hope that people with the family or a group of friends will sit in front of the TV to watch live performances.

Videoland cannot yet say which concerts will follow on Videoland after the live broadcast of the Meeuwis concert. “We certainly have ambitions and are in talks with various parties,” said the spokesperson. “We will announce names of concerts and events at a later date.”

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