Balloon art like you’ve never seen it before in Blow Up

For the first time in worldwide television history, balloon performers star in an entertainment program. The honor goes to RTL 4. Starting today, the channel will surprise viewers every week with ‘beautiful, complicated and startling balloon artworks’. In the family show blow up Dutch balloon artists compete with each other: who is the best balloon artist?

Studio-high animals, entire worlds and high-fashion creations, all made from balloons. We will be there Subway curious about it. That’s why we visited the press event and activation of blow up† In Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht, presenters Chantal Janzen, Martijn Krabbé and permanent jury member of the program Guido Verhoef were ready this week to celebrate the kick-off of the new balloon art program.

Balloon art on TV

That’s what it’s all about: the balloon artists competing for the title of ‘best balloon artist’. And it’s harder than you think to make a creation from a few balloons. In Hoog Catharijne, the participants have already taken a number of creations with them to show what they have in store during the program from today.

“We’re here for something festive, you can already see that. Because when you say balloons, you say party!” This is how Janzen and Krabbé kick off the press moment, in a full shopping center. You wouldn’t say it, but there were parrots, an almost life-sized elephant (which was very striking and attracted a lot of attention) and a motorbike that you can even sit on. Chantal Janzen tries it out: “Are you sure?” Krabbé asks. “Chantal can do it, but I’m not going to try.”

‘A world opens up for you’

blow up is a first, RTL 4 already announced, but Krabbé also emphasizes it: “It is the first worldwide program about ‘balloon art’.” Janzen immediately adds something even more festive: “Can I tell you right away that the program has already been sold to Australia?” And a loud applause follows. “But we don’t get any of that at all,” Janzen laughs.

Guido Verhoef, the permanent jury member in blow up accompanies the two presenters. “He’s not just a jury member. What are you not all about”, Janzen and Krabbé ask Verhoef. “I’m a balloon expert, ready,” laughs Verhoef. The presenters point to the literal ‘elephant in the room’, an elephant made of balloon. „We have this together with the candidates of blow up made,” explains Verhoef. It took no less than two full days to work on the elephant.

‘It’s wonderful’

“This is all very normal for Guido and the candidates, but a world opens up for us and for everyone who is going to watch the program,” emphasizes Janzen. “Did anyone know this was possible with balloons?” Only fingers of the candidates go up. “I thought: you can fold dachshunds, or a clown on a children’s birthday, but we couldn’t even do that,” laugh the presenters. “In this program you will see what is possible with balloons. It’s wonderful.”

You can see ‘Blow Up’ every Friday from today at 20.00 on RTL 4.

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Balloon art like you’ve never seen it before in brand new program Blow Up: ‘It’s wonderful’

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