Tooske Ragas stands up for Zwols home: ‘Let StukTV run for a few hours’

Tooske Ragas proposes that the members of StukTV, who scared residents of the Zonnehuis in Zwolle last Thursday, will spend a few hours in a care home. In this way, Giel de Winter, Thomas van der Vlugt and Stefan Jurriens can make up for their action, she said in the SBS6 program Shownieuws.

The men of the YouTube channel StukTV scared residents of the Zonnehuis in Zwolle on 26 May. Disguised as ‘antisocial oldies’, they recorded a new series of Pubescent Elderly. Albert Verlinde told Shownieuws that the point of the joke was that the disguised elderly wanted to register at the Zwolle home to spend their last old age there.

‘Not pleased with the joke’

For the fictitious move, the youtubers took empty boxes with them. One box of dishes fell to the floor at the reception of the home. Not everyone was charmed by that. For example, the healthcare organization told the Stentor on Wednesday that it was ‘not happy with the joke’.

Giel de Winter told Shownieuws from Ibiza that he ‘really finds the situation very bad’. “Would I like to scare the elderly? The people have their last good years, want to have peace. I really don’t go into a retirement home like that. That is really absolute nonsense.” According to Giel, he has already discussed the situation with the home.


Show news presenter Tooske Ragas is from Zwolle and told in the broadcast that she did volunteer work at the Zonnehuis. “A lot of people with dementia live there. If someone suddenly drops a box with crockery, I can imagine that you are shocked.” Erik Scherder, professor of neuropsychology, also agrees in the broadcast. According to him, it would be good if the gentlemen spent a week in a nursing home in return. Tooske: “I like the idea, for example to play for a few hours, to make up for those hours. That would be good for publicity.”

Zonnehuisgroep IJssel-Vecht, which includes the Zonnehuis, says on the website that the organization is ‘surprised by the action, but it does not have any ill intentions’. “The film crew was received very friendly, while the safe environment for our clients was maintained. Unsuspectingly, our healthcare worker was involved in the sketch until she realized it was not right and it was a joke.”

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‘We are looking forward to the broadcast’

In the meantime, everything seems like a piece of cake between StukTV and the Zonnehuis. “The recording took up time from our care worker and we would have liked to spend that time with our clients. We are lucky to have healthcare workers who act in good faith under all circumstances. And also during the recordings. We are curious about the broadcast of StukTV that can be seen on July 30th.”

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