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Plate of Origin

Net5 – 7.25 pm

Ask any Vietnamese what dish you can wake them up for, and the answer will probably be phobanh mi or mi quang to be. Because secretly we all find our own kitchen the best, even if you live in a completely different country. In Plate of Origin ten duos enter into a culinary battle to show that the cuisine from their country of origin is the best. Judging panel: Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan, from MasterChefand Manu Feildel, from My Kitchen Rules

Louisa & Rowan: the Gooisch

TLC – 8.30pm

To find out if they are for a life full of glitter and glamour Louisa and Rowan exchange their house in the Limburg Steyl for a villa in the Gooische Huizen. But are the couple really suitable for a life between roaches and the newly rich?

Best before

New series
NPO 1 – 8.33 pm

For years, Anna (Ricky Koole) has lovingly put her career on hold to fully serve her family and the job of her husband Paul (Ruben van der Meer). Now that the kids are about to fly out, Anna and Paul are ready to enjoy themselves. It’s finally Anna’s turn, but when her body suddenly shows compelling signs of menopause, the future suddenly looks a lot less bright.

An image from Best before. © RV

The Great British Bake Off

New season
NPO 1 – 9.06 pm

The predecessor of all cake baking competitions starts as usual with the cake week. On their first chance to impress the judges, the bakers must create twelve perfect mini cake rolls. After a real classic as a technical assignment, it’s time for the showpiece: a cake that has to defy the laws of gravity.

This season's candidates of The Great British Bake Off.
This season’s candidates of The Great British Bake Off. © Channel 4

My Feet are Killing Me

New season
TLC – 9.30pm

Ingrown toenails, inflamed corns and fungal infections; our feet have to endure a lot because of our continuous walking in the wrong footwear. Fortunately, podiatrists Ebonie Vincent and Brad Schaeffer are not deterred by this. In this first episode of the second season, Brad faces the biggest bunion of his career.

My Feet Are Killing Me with Brad Schaeffer and Ebonie Vincent.
My Feet Are Killing Me with Brad Schaeffer and Ebonie Vincent. © TLC

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