Johan Derksen not prosecuted after candle story: unclear whether incident happened Inland

Johan Derksen will not be prosecuted for his candle story that he confessed in the program at the end of April Today Inside† The Public Prosecution Service cannot determine what actually happened.

Derksen said in the broadcast that he had penetrated an unconscious, drunk woman with a candle in the 1970s and spoke of ‘a youthful sin’. The incident happened after a drink-soaked night out, which, according to him, was also attended by a goalkeeper from SC Veendam football club.

A day later, Derksen weakened that story again and said that he had put the candle on a pedestal between the woman’s legs. He mainly wanted to portray the zeitgeist of the 1970s with the anecdote, and said he was ashamed of it, but by then the damage had already been done. Derksen’s statements sparked a wave of indignation. The program disappeared from the air for two weeks.

The statements prompted the Public Prosecution Service to start an investigation. According to the Public Prosecution Service, Derksen and a witness were heard, but it has not been established from their statements whether the incident actually happened. The woman’s identity has not been established. “Because it is not clear what exactly happened, the Public Prosecution Service has decided to dismiss the case,” said a spokesperson.

Johan Derksen has never worried about the investigation of the Public Prosecution Service. ,,So an official report has been drawn up, they have heard my story and now he is going to decide what he is going to do with it. Well, you understand that I don’t sleep a wink,” said a sarcastic Derksen in the broadcast of Today Insideafter the program was stopped for two weeks.

Derksen himself had gone to the vice squad in Groningen. He was not obliged to come, but did go because he did not shy away from anything. According to Derksen, the detective had already informed him that the case was time-barred.

Goalkeeper Dick Ploeger (67), who played football at SC Veendam together with Johan Derksen in the early 1970s, said he did not remember anything about the story with the candle. According to Derksen, this keeper witnessed the incident, but Ploeger was stunned when he heard the story. He didn’t know Derksen that way, says Ploeger.

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