Castle lady Emmy received with a smile: ‘Buy without thinking?’

For whom castle lady Emmy expresses herself I leave still remembers: the striking personality now has his own reality program on the tube. Last night was the first episode of Castle Lady Emmy. With 1.2 million viewers, this series by Omroep MAX immediately became the best-watched program of the day after the 8 p.m. News.

The ups and downs of Emmy and her Rutger are provided with comments by André van Duin. That has always been good for a good portion of happiness in Dutch living rooms in recent years. That’s how he is as the nicest (and villainous) host in All of Holland Bakt quite loved.

After I Depart now Castle Lady Emmy

Omroep MAX follows the former in the new Tuesday evening series I leavecandidates Emmy and Rutger in their new castle in France. How do they know how to make their dream come true? What are they all up against? Will they succeed? Last January, the castle lady Emmy, then working in a hospital, announced that she was once again I leave would be filmed. And now Omroep MAX is coming after that. Rightly so, because with such large operations – also think of Chateau Meiland from SBS6 – usually so much goes wrong that you can keep filming.

Emmy tries to restore a dilapidated castle in France in a short time. The castle has no fewer than seven bedrooms and six hectares of land. She wants to refurbish the building and create chambres d’hôtes there. This makes Emmy’s long-cherished dream come true. Again, will she succeed?

‘Castle is one big ruin, isn’t it?’

Someday, you might say. But as a TV viewer we still have a whole season Castle Lady Emmy by course. “In the Dordogne, about 1000 kilometers from the Netherlands, there is a dilapidated castle. The roof is as leaky as a basket”, André van Duin immediately threw in last night. “Ceilings and floors have collapsed. The woodwork has been eaten by termites and the electricity is no longer up to date. Yet the 59-year-old nurse falls madly in love with the property.”

“A castle is a kind of girl’s dream,” says castle lady Emmy. Her Rutger, a dentist by profession, looks at the property with completely different eyes, according to André van Duin. “If you look at it from this side, you just see that it is one big ruin,” says Rutger, shaking his head. “I see a lot of possibilities,” Emmy says. “And I see a lot of impossibilities,” Rutger counters.

Many reactions to Castle Lady Emmy

Well, then you know: that’s going to be something. That’s what the countless viewers saw last night. There has been a lot of response on social media. There are several one-liners. †This is Room Terribleis one of those. “Don’t rake in too much, then it will be so Dutch”, also a beautiful one. Some also find, referring to another TV show, “Is This Buying Without Thinking?” Not everyone enjoys Castle Lady Emmy, of course. Like this viewer, who might drop out next week.

Castle lady Emmy is already becoming like a ‘new Maud’ from Farmer seeks wife seen.

What else it was all about in Castle Lady Emmy (or what went wrong), we won’t tell you that here. Think of it as a tip for the coming weeks. Because that Castle Lady Emmy can sometimes grow into a new TV personality that ‘everyone thinks about’. Especially when you see the ratings. Below are some more comments:

Do you want to watch Castle Lady Emmy? That’s possible here.

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