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BV“The real Astrid is back. No longer the ‘amazing’ Astrid from Hollywood, but Astrid Coppens: the mama.” In a new interview she now shows her small sides, she displays fun facts, but she is above all very candid. “I had to ‘count out’ Bram and put in a lot of effort.”

Their house has been renovated. ‘Amazing Astrid’ stayed behind in LA and Astrid Coppens is happy to be back home. With Luc Alloo she goes tonight to the important places from her roots, but she also finally reveals the naughty opening sentence with which she approached Bram at the time. “I had to take the first step,” it sounds. “I like that. Because if a man starts flirting too much… (pulling a questionable face) So also with Bram. He was standing at the counter. (laughs) Just say it Bram!”

Bram Coppens has daughter Billie-Ray on his lap and allows himself to be persuaded. “She came to me and said in Antwerp: ‘If there’s one here that I want to go home with, it’s you.’ I was surprised, but my answer in Ghent was immediate. “Why not. But if I take you home to start something together, or to start having children right away.” Those kids will soon be two. Because after a daughter, a son will soon follow.

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Plastic surgery

Astrid also talks extensively about her time as a model and how she ended up in LA. “I was scouted when I was 17 and won the ‘Elite Model Look’ competition in Belgium the following year. In France I was then allowed to participate in the international competition and then it went quickly. “London, Barcelona, ​​Portugal, then three years in Milan and then to New York and finally to LA. The modeling world was very different back then. In my time you often stood on the catwalk without the slightest make-up. Now top models like Gigi and Bella Hadid have undergone a lot of plastic surgery. Even male models have silicone put in their arms to look more muscular. That was unthinkable at the time.”


The purest Astrid emerges when she visits her former music school. A place that occupied her entire childhood. My parents often played classical music at home and I wanted to be able to do that myself. Laurens had a small guitar to strum on. I would take it off, put it around my neck and stroke it with a wooden spoon. From the age of four I went to music school. First music theory — I could read music before words — and later violin. That was very intensive. My mom took me to the school four times a week and I took private lessons on the weekends.”

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At the time, Astrid was also a guest in many TV shows. “I was actually quite talented and had perfect hearing from an early age. A false note still hurts my ears. The violin taught me a lot in terms of discipline and fine motor skills, but I also missed a lot because of it. As a kid I could never go to birthday parties and such. I was also never allowed on a ski trip, because I could break my wrist there. But again, I learned a lot from it. Those skills have made me who I am today.”


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