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Kate Bush then had them Running Up That Hill released in 1985, we couldn’t have imagined that the song would reach a completely new audience 37 years later. The song has a prominent place in the new season of the immensely popular Netflix series Stranger Things and soared back up the charts.

Fans of Stranger Things have had to wait three years for the return of the science fiction horror series set in the 1980s. The fourth season is presented in two parts; the first series of episodes premiered last Friday. The series immediately took first place in the Netherlands on the list of the most viewed titles on Netflix.

The fact that the fans immediately started binge-watching is evident from the fact that Running Up That Hill of Bush has been streaming and downloaded en masse since the weekend. The record is currently number one in the iTunes chart in the United States and the song is also on the rise on Spotify.

The song is in fourth place on the worldwide charts of the streaming service, with more than five million streams per day. In the United States the song is currently in second place, in the Netherlands it is 21 and in the United Kingdom, where Bush comes from, the number has already been reached. Such high positions are highly exceptional for songs that have not been released recently.

Running Up That Hill was Bush’s first hit in the US

Bush released the song in 1985 as the lead single from her album Hounds Of Love† However, the release was accompanied by discussion with her record company. The singer initially named the song, in which she sings about how she wants to take the place of her partner in order to better understand each other. A Deal With God

The record company did not dare to do this, because it might not be played in then still conservative Christian countries. The title was changed to Running Up That Hillbut Bush managed to get the song on the back of the album Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) is called.

The song became one of the biggest hits of Bush’s career. In the Netherlands the song reached the top ten of the charts and in the United Kingdom the top three. It was also her first real hit in the United States, where it reached the top thirty. In 2012, the singer recorded a remix of the song that was used at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics.

New life by Stranger Things

Running Up That Hill is now being revived by the new season of Stranger Things† The song appears briefly in the first episode when character Max (played by Sadie Sink) listens to it on her walkman. In the fourth episode, the song plays a key role in a scene where Max has to be awakened, because she is in mortal danger. Her friends try that through her favorite song – Running Up That Hill – to play.

Stranger Things is known for bringing back the culture of the 1980s, through its clothing style and music, as well as game and movie references. It’s not the first time that a song from that era has been given a new lease of life thanks to the series. In the first season there was already a prominent role for Should I Stay Or Should I Go from The Clash and Limahls The NeverEnding Story experienced a new wave of popularity as two Stranger Thingscharacters perform the song in the third season.

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